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February 12, 2017 1 Comment

If you follow my blog and social you’ll know that we’ve just sold our house and are moving to a village. We’re lucky to have found a new build house which means its a blank canvas and we can choose every element of the rooms including kitchen, flooring, bathroom tiles etc. I love interior design and decorating and I’m so excited to begin with such a plain white space and along with the furniture and items we already own create some really beautiful rooms. I’m going to share some of our ideas for each room every Sunday in my House Diaries posts and I’m starting with Living Room decor ideas.

living room decor ideasWe already own some distinct pieces including our beige DFS sofa and map chair and so the colour scheme will have to be based around this.  You can see what our current living room looks like in my Room Tour post. This means a palette of neutral beiges and warm greys but we also have a purple armchair which injects a bit of colour into the room although I am toying with the idea of covering it or selling it and phasing out the purple. We replaced our purple rug with this beige/grey one from eBay so will keep that in the centre of the room and I’ve also since replaced our cushions with the graphic ones above from H&M.

As the new living room has no fireplace we want an entertainment unit with our tv on to be the focus of the room, possibly with some shelves above. We already have a photo wall behind our sofa and I’d like to have this again but in a more neat ordered way with identical frames like the IKEA Ribba all laid out in rows.

I love the really warm room about with the accents of gold but all of our stuff is grey so I may go with silver accents instead although I do love spraying everything gold so you never know. And we definitely want to have a coffee table too which we’ve never had before, hopefully with some storage inside.

I’ve linked some of the bits I’m loving at the moment below. Let me know what your dream living room is and what you think of our living room decor ideas?

Next Sunday I’ll be sharing our ideas for the kitchen including the kitchen units etc as well as the possible extension.



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  • Interior Designer Blake Riley December 14, 2020 at 11:26 am

    I’m loving the couch and your rug. It looks really good.

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