Things to Love in February #MyFebLove

February 10, 2017 1 Comment
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things to love in february
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February is most definitely the month of love but there are other things to love in February. Not just Valentines day, which can often be seen as a celebration for couples only, I like to think February is a great time to think about the things that you love about your life and that make you happy. January can often be a bit of a blue month with the post Christmas come down and the back to work blues. I know I struggled to get myself back into the swing of things in January but now its February I'm feeling much more energized and positive. It so important to focus on what does make you happy and lots of you who read my look back on 2017 post will know that I left my full time job in pursuit of a happier life. I was at work so much that I felt like I never got to spend time in my own home. I've realised I'm such a home bird and nothing makes me happier than being cosy at home with a cup of tea. I love spending time with my dogs and my husband and I'm so happy that I work from home now and get to see more of all of them.

For some people who blog they hope for travel and exciting opportunities that take them away and don't get me wrong I love to travel but I also know how much I love to be at home, sleeping in my own bed. Sometimes these are the things that make us truly happy. A cup of tea on a Sunday morning under a toasty warm duvet. Watching a film under a big chunky blanket on a Friday night. Cooking together in the kitchen whilst chatting about your day.  These are the things about my life that I love.

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Over the last few months I've really come to realise how much home is important to me and actually we've recently decided to move house. We do love our house but we found somewhere in a village which we just fell for. I'm excited to become part of a small community and live somewhere where you can pop to the local pub or go to the butchers round the corner. Its a far cry from so many bloggers who are moving into London but I honestly can't wait. I also can't wait to share lots more home content and DIY on the blog as we decorate the new house. I adore decorating and I want the blog to really reflect me and the things I love and enjoy. They'll still be lots of fashion and beauty content too of course and again I really want these posts to be reflective of my style and the kind of clothes and jewellery I love to wear. Lots of you will know what a jewellery addict I am and these gold pieces from Jewellery Box are so beautiful and completely affordable too again a big feature of my blog.

So this February I'm going to spending lots of time planning our new house, pinning away on Pinterest to find inspo and colour schemes and really working towards making it a real home we'll love forever.

What do you love most about your life I'd love to know? What makes you truly happy? xxx




This was written in collaboration with Jewellery Box but all images and opinions are as always 100% mine.

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  • han February 11, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    These photos are gorgeous, absolutely love JB, wearing their rings as I type and they never leave my fingers!

    Hannah | Oh January

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