Pycnogenol and Clarins Double Serum Challenge

October 10, 2016 1 Comment
pycnogenol and clarins

I'm really interested in anti-ageing. Its something that's become so important to me now I'm in my thirties. I've tried out several products over the years and even have an Anti-Ageing section where all my posts are for you guys to read. I was asked to try out a combination of Clarins Double Serum and the supplement Pycnogenol alongside each other for 30 days. This is what I thought of Pycnogenol and Clarins Double Serum after one month.

Pycnogenol is a is a natural plant extract derived from the French maritime pine tree and has anti ageing properties as well as protecting from UV damage too. Available in health food stores like Holland and Barrett, Pycnogenol 's antioxidant properties claim to enhance the skins elasticity by more than 25% and because it binds to collagen, promotes glowing and healthy skin. Apparently its 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and 20 times more than vitamin C so I was really interested to try it. Many of its ingredients are found in Clarins Double Serum so a combination of oral and topical application sees the biggest results, hence why I needed to take the tablets and use the serum too.

One of the big things that happens after 30 is the body reduces the amount of collagen produced and thats why skin starts to look thinner and duller. Pycnogenol increases collagen production by up to 20% which for me was the main selling point. I also should emphasize the supplements are totally natural too so I wasn't at all worried about taking them.

I applied the Double Serum every evening before bed and in the morning before makeup and took one Pycnogenol capsule in the morning with water.


Clarins Double serum anti ageing
Pycogenol supplement review
pycnogenol and clarins


After about a week of taking both I was actually really excited to see my skin did look different. I felt like it looked brighter and a lot healthier. After one month I felt really happy with how my skin looked. I especially loved the Clarins Double Serum and a little goes a very long way. Obviously its hard to know whether my improved skin was down to the Pycnogenol or the Double Serum or both together, but I liked the improvement to my skin so much that I do plan to purchase both items again and keep using the Pycnogenol and Clarins together. I would be very interested to see the improvements over a longer period and if they might help with some spot scarring on my chin.

Pycnogenol also has so many other positive properties including protecting against sun burn, helps with melasma and skin pigmentation and as its anti inflammatory can help with conditions like acne. It can come in cream forms too but a months supply of the 60mg tablets costs £29.99 from Holland & Barrett so it would cost a lot across the year but I did feel like the improvement was worth it. I may look into a cheaper place to buy them from or buy the 30mg which are only £9.99 for 30. I've linked some cream versions below and of course the Double serum too.

Have you heard of Pycnogenol? Would you consider trying it?







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  • Camille October 10, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    Great post, thank you for sharing :) I am 35 so I am very interested in looking after my skin with anti-ageing products!

    Camille xo

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