Aldi’s Lacura Renew Skincare Range – Beauty Review

June 17, 2014 No Comments

I had read in a magazine a while ago how great the Aldi Skincare range was but I had wanted to try it out for myself, especially the Wrinkle Stop, which apparently flies off the shelves! So I headed down to my local Aldi and snapped up one of everything!!!

I’ve become a bit paranoid recently about my forehead lines so the product I really wanted to try was the Wrinkle Stop which has had some amazing reviews. Its in a syringe style tube and the product is designed to improve  forehead wrinkles by up to 53%. It has an active ingredient called Syn-Ake which is man made to replicate viper-venom!!! All very technical but it claims to stop wrinkles forming and smooths out lines. I have to say this stuff is pretty flippin amazing. It did indeed smooth out my forehead and as its oil free didn’t make me break out in spots. It did make my forehead a little shiny so I had to use a little more powder but I was seriously impressed. And its priced at £4.99 so really really affordable too. You may struggle to find it as it is so popular but if you do spot it give it a go.


I also picked up the Lacura Renew Night Cream and Renew Day Cream, both priced at £1.99 which is a serious bargain. The Renew range is for ages 30 -45 and is designed to smooth and reduce the appearance of lines. Both creams have a slight scent which I’m not too keen on but its not too strong and I really like the packaging. The texture is thick and creamy for the night cream and cool and refreshing for the day cream. Much like the Wrinkle Stop neither of these were greasy too so I will definitely be buying again.


Lastly I bought the Renew Serum which again has really nice packaging and I really like the pump bottle too. The serum is a nice consistency and feels light on the face but very nourishing. It doesn’t have the immediate impact or effect as the Wrinkle Stop which you can see work within minutes I think, but I do like this product and do feel like its working for me. Its priced at £3.49 which again is such a bargain and I will definitely buy again or I might try another variation like the Aqua Serum for example.


Aldi’s Lacura range also has Aqua Serum – for more youthful and radiant skin and the Restorative range for ages 45+ which helps smooth skin and help suppleness.

The complete Lacura Renew Collection cost me £12.46 which is such a blummin bargain!!

Have you tried any Aldi Skincare products??



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