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ideal world beauty


I always like it when I find out things I didn't know and I didn't know Ideal World did beauty. I bet you didn't either? They in fact stock a huge range of the worlds biggest brands and today they are running loads of promotions and special offers as part of Beauty Day. To celebrate Ideal World Beauty Day they very kindly sent me my own personalized beauty bag chock full of some of their best selling products. I've had the chance to try out quite a few of these so here's a little bit about each and hopefully this will give you a glimpse at some of the amazing beauty products they stock.

Ideal World Beauty Day

Crystal Clear Lift Away The Years Kit


This little gadget is a bit nifty. It uses sonic technology to help apply the Crystal Clear serum. Crystal Clear is a brand I've used before and always been impressed.

The vibrations from the wand help work the face muscles and along with the serum will help achieve firmer and more toned skin. The kit has instructions on which directions to use the wand and the metal tip is cooling too.

I  loved using it under my eyes.


I'm looking forward to trying out this Beautypro Collagen Mask. It's a lightweight sheet mask with anti-aging marine collagen combined with green tea.

I love the fact the mask is re balancing as well as anti-ageing. I like trying new anti ageing products so keep an eye out for a review on this soon.



Liquilift Slender Wrap

This Liquilift Slender Wrap is a bio thermal wrap which can be applied various areas of the body for targeted inch loss as well as hydration. The wrap contains ingredients that are high in anti-oxidants that help nourish, soothe and smooth skin as well as lose weight.

Its not something I would buy myself but I'll be really interested to try this out for myself and see the effect it has.  Again keep your eyes peeled for a full review after I've tried this out.

ideal world beauty
ideal world beauty
ideal world beauty

Skinn Rosette Eyeshadow Palette

Not only is this Skinn Rosette Eyeshadow Palette super pretty but the twelve gorgeous metallic blush shades are anti-ageing too! How amazing is that? They contain anti-ageing actives and are also talc free so won't make lids look crepey! Double bonus.


I love the colours in this palette and the shadows are really well pigmented too. The palette also comes with a mascara which is a thickening formula mascara.

ideal world beauty
ideal world beauty

Skinn Bright Eyes Eye Enhancing Treatment 3.5ml

This Skinn Bright Eyes is one of my favourite products. It's a peachy toned creamy product that conceals your eye area and with incandescent pigments makes the whole eye area look brighter. I love this. It really does brighten the eyes and its definitely taking a permanent place in my makeup bag.


ideal world beauty
ideal world beauty
ideal world beauty

A few more anti-ageing products included the Skinn Rose Anhydrous Relief Balm which hasn't launched on the site just yet but is described as " blissfully aromatic, highly concentrated and ultra-moisturizing blend of Vitamins, Shea Butter and Rose Flower Waxes to soothe and hydrate dehydrated and flaky skin"  This one sounds lovely, so excited to try it out.

This little tube is the Elizabeth Grant Collagen Re-Inforce Snow Algae ampule. Its a highly concentrated anti-ageing serum product which uses snow algae's natural benefits to help smooth and freshen skin. You can shop the whole range of Snow Algae products at Ideal World.

Also included was Skinn Insta-Fill which is a shadow base and will fill fines lines and wrinkles. It's kind of like a mix between porefessional and a primer and is another one of my favourite products included.

ideal world beauty


Zhuzh Twinpack Tan Accelerator



Lastly the Zhuzh Tan Accelerator is a product I wish I'd had back in June when I went on holiday.

Designed to work with your skins natural melanin this spray will boost your tanning meaning you spend less time in the sun. Perfect for this heatwave we are having at the moment too.


I'm definitely going to test drive this next time I go away. 


Hope you enjoyed a look at some of Ideal World's Beauty ranges. Thanks so much to the lovely team there for my personalized beauty bag which I just love to bits.  

Make sure you check out Beauty Day for yourself before it ends at 9pm tomorrow night.






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  • Marianne Turkson September 14, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    wow. That is an awesome goody bag. Thanks for sharing. I learnt something new too:)

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