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June 5, 2017 1 Comment
pom pom straw bag diy
pom pom straw bag makeover

Today's post is another DIY and I'm showing you how I gave this old bag a pom pom straw bag makeover to refresh it for this Summer. Straw bags are THE bag to carry this Summer even if you're not off on holiday and you'll have spotted pom pom decorated ones all over the high street too. Here's how I transformed mine and how you can create the same look yourself.
I found this old straw bag at a charity shop for £4 and although I wasn't a fan of the yellow bow or the lining I knew I could give it a fresh new look.
So here's what you need to do to give your own bag like this a pom pom makeover.

you will need


pom pom straw bag


I started my straw bag makeover by snipping out the lining and removing the bow. I did this carefully with a small pair of scissors and snipped along the stitches and pulled away the lining and snipped away the bow.
I also made sure to remove any straggling threads.
This bag had rope handles which I also snipped away as I wanted to shorten them as well and cover them. If your bag has fixed handles then leave them where they are.
pom pom straw bag diy


I decided on my colour scheme of mustard yellow and pink and used wool to wrap the handles in alternating colours.
I wrapped the yellow wool along the handle leaving gaps at random intervals and tucking in the end with scissors. Then I wrapped the pink wool in each gap tucking in the ends of the wool with scissors to avoid it unraveling. 
pom pom straw bag diy


I applied some glue to each end of the rope handle and once dry chopped the excess off as I mentioned I wanted to shorten the handle.
I repeated this with both handles and tried to approximately replicate the design of the colours.


pom pom straw bag diy


I then used a very strong coated thread to sew on the handles.
Sew a large section of the handle onto the basket at each side to ensure the handles are sturdy and won't come off.
pom pom straw bag diy


I then used my pom pom maker to make two medium sized pom poms in the same yellow and pink colours. 
For instructions on making pom poms see my Pom Pom post here.
pom pom straw bag diy


I then created a pom pom bag decoration using the pom poms and plaited wool in between. 
If you don't fancy making one yourself you can buy these Pom Pom bag accessories in my Etsy Shop.
Simply wrap the length around the handles of any bag and tie in a knot to your desired length. I like one pom pom higher up than the other.



pom pom straw bag diy
straw basket bag with pom poms
straw basket bag with pom poms

And thats it! Finished!! I love what a transformation it is to the original bag and also its revealed the eyelets which I left as I really liked them but you could make four pom poms and cover these over.

If you don't fancy the whole pom pom straw bag makeover then you can shop my selection of pom pom straw bags below instead.

Also check out all my other DIY Posts too.


Happy DIYing!





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  • Elizabeth Seal June 6, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    Awww this is the cutest and so pretty and eclectic! I can’t wait to have a go at making one :D xx

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