Philips Steam & Go Review

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philips steam & go review

I love a clever gadget and any kind of gadget that saves time is even better. I was so excited to get my hands on this steamer for a full Philips Steam & Go review. I had tried it out briefly at The Apartment over LFW but was so happy to get one of my own to test drive out at home. Designed for easy garment steaming the Philips Steam & Go is capable of steaming in both a horizontal and vertical position meaning you don’t need to drag out that pesky ironing board from the back of the cupboard. I’ve been interested in owning a steamer for quick removal of creases on clothes especially when receiving items in the post ( I do a lot of online shopping as well as blog related post) but also de-creasing items you’ve bought when out shopping. This is exactly what I tested it out on this weekend.

 philips steam and go reviewphilips steam and go philips steam and go reviewphilips-steam-goclothes steamerphilips clothes steamer

The steamer is really small and quite ergonomic to hold. To use you simply fill up the small water receptacle on the handle, plug it in and within only 45 seconds its ready to go! Its so fast and it provides such a powerful burst of steam when the button is pressed for such a small piece of equipment. It also has a brush attachment which is great for thicker items like coats for really smoothing the fabric out. I like to use the brush attachment when steaming items vertically as it helps brush out the creases.

I tested it on my new t shirt I brought home yesterday from Lakeside. After shopping all day most of my items were so creased but all I did was hang it up on my wardrobe and with two passes across it with the Philips Steam & Go it was crease free and ready for either wearing (which I did!) or hanging up in my wardrobe.

The steamer is safe enough to use on really delicate fabric too like silk which Philips proved by sending me a gorgeous Aspinal of London silk scarf to test it out on and it worked beautifully.

philips steam and go reviewphilips steam & go reviewphilips steam and gophilips-steam-go

I’m so impressed with this little gadget. Its such a useful piece of kit and small enough to take on holiday too if you wanted to steam your belongings once you arrive. Its also perfect for steaming items like your bedding or cushions too as the steamer does help get rid of smells and 99.9% of bacteria and as it an be used horizontally you can brush it across your pillows and bedding for a freshen up.

I also think its a perfect piece of kit for fellow fashion bloggers. Its great for smoothing out creases from outfits before you shoot them, especially if they’ve just arrived and are creased up from being packaged up. I now keep this on my blog rail hung up ready to use for this exact purpose.

You’ll find more info about the Philips Steam & Go over on their website plus a list of retailers too.

Have you tried out a steamer for your clothes? Do you think you’d find one useful?


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