Great 80’s and 90’s Films to watch on a Snow day

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great 80s and 90s films to watch

I love sitting down to watch a good film, you might have read my 14 Feel Good Films post but there is nothing better than watching a really good film from the 80's or 90's, one that brings back all those great memories. I have loads of films like this that I love to watch and as so many of us are trapped inside by the snow I thought that I would share my fave ten great 80's and 90's films to watch whilst you are hiding from The Beast from the East!!! Let me know how many you have seen??!!

Teen Witch Film 1989


I found this on Netflix last week and literally my day was made! I loved this film when I was younger and watching it brought back soooo many memories. Its about a young geeky girl who is in love with the most popular boy at school and finds out she's a witch. 

Watch this film for some serious 80's fashion, I wanted so many of her outfits and in fact have a long vintage triangle shaped necklace just because it looked so good on her. Also the fact that every so often people just burst into song which is just what every good cheesy film should have in my opinion. Also watch it for the super cute male lead who looks like a young Rob Lowe and who also looks like a seriously good kisser!! Its the perfect cheesy chick flick.

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The Cutting Edge 1992

This is one of my all time favourite films. Its all about a very stuck up figure skater who gets paired with a hockey player and they try to get to the Winter Olympics (very appropriate for this snowy weather). Its got all the elements a good cheesy 80's film needs; plenty of training montages to music, an unlikely romance and a totally kick ass finale. Watch this one if you loved the love aspect of Dirty Dancing and the training element of Karate Kid.

Toe Pick!!

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the cutting edge 1992
simply irresistible 1999



Simply Irresistible 1999

So I only watched this two days ago on Amazon Prime. Its a rom com starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sean Patrick Flannery. She's a chef who wins him over with her magical cooking.

This film is so brilliantly bizarre but it is good fun. If you are a Buffy fan like me you might spend most of the film thinking "Why is the slayer making a souffle?" but its a great film nevertheless and the only film I know of to have a random magical crab!


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Empire Records 1995

As well as a kick ass soundtrack this film has some stars you will most definitely recognize, albeit a lot younger, namely Renée Zellweger and Liv Tyler. This film is totally one of those cult classics, all about a group of record store employees and actually bombed at box offices when it was released. I love the music and the group of zany misfits the film is all about. Watch it just to see Renee attempt to sing in a rock group and do some weird dancing if for no other reason!


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empire records 1995
the lost boys 1987

The Lost Boys 1987

So long long before Bella met Edward there was a very different kind of vampire film and The Lost Boys is in my opinion one of the best. The vampires in this film don't twinkle in the sunshine so be prepared for much more blood and gore, but along with that is some brilliant music, fabulous 80's fashion and some really funny one liners.

All about two brothers who move to a new town and encounter a motorbike riding punk gang it stars the brilliant Kiefer Sutherland who was just on FIRE in the 80's, the very handsome Jason Patric  as well as Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. It also starred Alex Winter who I just had the BIGGEST crush on in this film even before Bill & Ted!

This was one of my favourite films when I was younger even though I couldn't watch certain bits because of the gore!

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Legend 1985

Lots of people might put  Labyrinth on their list and don't get me wrong I enjoyed the Bowie in tights film more than anyone, but one year before that was a brilliant film called Legend. Starring a very young Tom Cruise the film is actually directed by Ridley Scott and is a very dark fantasy film all about love and light over darkness. It has some brilliant effects and an incredible performance by Tim Curry as the Lord Of Darkness as well as some moments of real dark eeriness like the lady who dances all in black which I always found really brilliantly scary.  The effects are all done with makeup and prosthetics rather than all this jazzy CGI and blue screen business and I love it for that even more. 

Watch it for a good dose of fantasy creatures including unicorns!!

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Legend 1985
While You Were Sleeping 1995

While You Were Sleeping 1995

I haven't seen this film for ages but its one I've always loved mostly for the fact it stars a very plain Sandra Bullock. This is going to sound so daft but I always loved the fact she was a movie star who had a very flat chest ( like I did when I was younger) and she never sold out and got a boob job! She looked like an average woman and that made me love her and her films even more.

All about an El train token collector who rescues a man off the tracks and then gets mistaken for his wife. This rom-com is a brilliant mix of romance, humor and a daft family all of which combine to make a really sweet film that always made me smile.


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Big Trouble in Little China 1986

Ok if you are after an 80's film that is sooooo random then this is the one. I flippin LOVE this film. Its a martial arts comedy film that stars Kurt Russel as a truck driver who stumbles upon a mystical war raging in Chinatown, it also stars Kim Cattrall of SATC fame. Much like Empire Records its very much become a cult classic thanks to its total weirdness I think.  I especially love the visual effects which were done by the same company as Ghostbusters and its another one of those brilliant films that uses animatronics not CGI like the floating eyeball all done by puppeteers!! Proof that they just don't make them like they used to.

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big trouble in little china
space camp

Space Camp 1986

Ok I debated for a while between this and Flight Of The Navigator (another great 80's film, ooh and Inner Space too lol ) but I do love this film for its sheer ridiculousness. All about a group of kids who accidentally end up in space it has soooo many plot holes its unbelievable but I do love it.

I'm a big fan of space films in general and what child didn't wish they could end up in space! It features Lea Thompson who you will most likely recognize from Back To The Future and a VERY young Joaquin Phoenix. It also has a cute robot in it and an amazing score by John Williams. Its a great afternoon film!

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Combat Academy 1986

Now you get full marks if you have even ever heard if this film. I don't know how I first discovered it but I must confess I actually have it on DVD, ha ha. Its all about two jokers who get enrolled in to a military academy to straighten them out and stars a very very young but still VERY handsome George Clooney.

There is a good mix of daft plot and character redemption to make this film enjoyable and I do love the slightly comedic portrayal of the Russian military. 

Watch it to see George Clooney looking sexy in army fatigues!!!

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combat academy film

I hope you loved my 10 great 80's and 90's films. Any of these your fave too? Any you hadn't even heard of????





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