Morphy Richards #ATOMIST IRON review

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I’ll be 100% honest. I hate ironing. Its not a job that I enjoy. It takes too long, nothing is ever crease free when you finish, you have to top the water up ever 2 minutes and I’m always struggling to reach the end of the board as the flex is too short. So when I was offered the chance to try out a brand new iron that makes ironing a breeze I of course said yes! The Atomist Iron is a new innovation from Morphy Richards. Its vapour technology is designed to iron fuss free and with no steam involved be incredibly gentle on your garments.


To look at the iron its a bit of a beast. It has a docking base where the water tank sits and this is also where the power cable connects. The iron itself is sleek and with the most impressive glass panel so you can see your garment underneath as you iron. The iron section itself is lovely and light and easy to move around. It does have a flex which stretches from the tank base to the iron so you do need this close by. The tank section is quite big depending upon what size board you have, I did put my tank on to a table next to my ironing board just to free up space.

To use, select a temperature using the buttons on the top, once the lights stop flashing that means the iron is heated to your selected temp. Press the trigger to spray your garment with a light vapour mist and then iron as normal. The glass panel means you can actually see the creases disappearing. I tested it out on my least favourite item to iron – bed sheets. Our tumble dryer is so small that sheets and bedding come out so creased and I hate how long it takes to get them out. The Atomist iron literally breezed through the creases and with only one or two passes. My iron would take 3 or 4 at least. I slightly miss the lovely hiss sound of the steam but the Atomist iron does make some noise when you spray the vapour.


I also tested it out on one of my thick cheesecloth style shirts and again it worked so well and so easy. It is a little different to use in the fact you have to spray the garment first but the mist is very light and I found items didn’t get drenched.


All in all I really loved the Atomist Iron. I like how easy it made ironing and that its so unique and cool with its see through plate and shape etc. The vapour only uses a small amount of water so the tank would last for lots of ironing meaning you don’t have to keep topping it up. Its size may be a down side for some people as it is bulkier than most irons and this may prove an issue for storage, but I suspect its amazing ironing ability and its style will out way those downsides for most people.

Over the weekend lots of people have been testing out the Atomist Iron in online and offline parties so do check out the #ATOMIST hashtag on Twitter for more opinions on this clever innovation.

You can read more about the Atomist iron here and shop the Atomist Iron here



The Atomist iron was sent to me for review but all opinions are 100% my own.

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