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June 26, 2014 1 Comment
Last week I was invited to visit Pizza Express in my local town and try out the new Summer menu. Pizza is something I love but I don’t have alot as I am gluten intolerant. However Pizza Express now offer all of their classic pizza’s on a gluten free base so I was excited to try one and see how the taste and texture stacked up against a standard pizza.
The Pizza Express in Colchester is always quite busy and this night was no exception and I love that the kitchen is open so you can have a good nosey at the chefs cooking. I’m not so much a fan of the music they played there though – kinda loud and some weird choices but I guess it all adds to the atmosphere of the bustling kitchen and restaurant.
For starters we shared a garlic bread and some dough balls. You can’t go to Pizza Express without sampling the dough balls, they are so yummy. I only ate a couple as I was saving myself for my pizza but my husband was more than happy to wolf them down!!
For main I had the Caprina rossa pizza which is Beetroot, goat’s cheese, red onion, garlic, tomato and mozzarella. Finished with Gran Moravia cheese, rocket and pesto, Served with a wedge of fresh lemon, and I had a Gluten free base. My other half had Il Padrino, a chicken pizza with roasted veg on a normal base.
My pizza was gorgeous. I could tell the base was gluten free as it had a very different texture to a normal base, but in a good way. It wasn’t dry and powdery like a lot of gluten free food can be. It was  very tasty and I would definitely have it again.
For dessert I had a slice of cheesecake which although nice was too rich as there was no fruit coulis that night for some reason and you kinda need this to cut through such a rich baked cheesecake. But my husband loved his panna cotta and again wolfed it down no problem (Are we seeing a trend here???)

We were really well looked after by our waitress and this was without her knowing I was there for a review. Really nice staff in general and after three courses and two very very lovely glasses of  Pino we headed off home very happy.

Thank you to Pizza Express for inviting us

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  • Sarah June 27, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Aaah this looks lovely! My last visit to Pizza Express wasn’t that great so I’ll have to go back and try the new menu soon!

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