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September 12, 2011 1 Comment
I’m off sick from work today so no outfit post/photos for you as feeling pretty blergh. Instead I thought I’d let you know how my first at home fake tanning experience went!!
I was sent a Crazy Angel gift pack by Crazy Angel for coming in the top 20 bloggers for LOOK Magazines blogger comp and as I’ve never tried at home tanning I thought I’d give it a go and let you all know how it worked.

I had asked for hints and tips here on the blog and on Twitter – and thank you for anyone who advised me. I also googled Self Tanning tips and I have to say the best site was The Self-Tanning Queen This site had diagrams of how much spray/lotion to apply to each area and really good hints and tips. 

So I showered and exfoliated first thing in the morning with Crazy Angels Halo Polish.This made my skin really soft and it smelled really nice too. It wasn’t too coarse so it didn’t aggravate skin and I focused on hard areas like elbows and knees. Then I moisturised with my new favourite moisturiser Superdrugs I Love Tropical which I saw on Glamour Magazines Beauty Section  it smells gorgeous and its really light.

I applied the tan later that evening as I planned to let it develop overnight (Self Tanning Queen had great tips for protecting bed sheets etc) I’d been sent Crazy Angel Midnight Kiss lotion  which gives a deep and rich colour so says the blurb. I already have a natural warmth to my skin tone and so this colour was great for me.
I applied starting from the feet with a standard self tan mitt from Superdrug.  and much like other reviews mentioned the mitt did absorb alot of the lotion. However I applied quite cautiously and focused on an even application, working in circular motions. I skimmed lightly over areas like my knees and elbows which I’d also moisturised just before which helps to stop the self tan taking too much in these areas. For my face I mixed a little with my own moisturiser to dilute it slightly.
Next day after a shower I was really pleased with the colour achieved. It was a rich and really natural colour – not stereotypical fake tan orange at all. The deepness of the tan could have been bolder had I used more lotion but I have since added a little more to build the colour up which seems to be a really great bonus of this lotion.Really pleased with the results and I think I will continue to use it every so often to keep my colour topped up.
So I’m no longer a fake tan virgin and considering I have also recently started wearing fake nails I may be living up to the cliche of the area I live in!! (essex) ha ha
On another note I have a new Twitter account to go with this blog and a new email.
The email is bangonstyle@gmail.com and on Twitter I’m Bangonstyle Please do click and follow this new account for my personal tweets and new post updates
This means my current Twitter Bangonvintage will be for updates on the shop, new products and new posts on the shop blog  www.bangonvintage.co.uk/blog
Anyway I am going back to sneezing and coughing on the sofa and I’ll hopefully be back with outfit posts and the usual later in the week.
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