What In My Tin – What I Bought In Paris

July 8, 2014 3 Comments
Its taken me a while to post my mini Paris haul but here are the beauty bits I picked up whilst I was there. I’ve been keeping them all in my cute Biscuiteers Paris Tin, its a perfect home for my Parisian picks. The Biscuiteers host a “Whats In My Tin” comp every week and love to see how customers reuse their Biscuiteers tins. 
So whilst I was in Paris I spent my birthday money in pretty much three places; Zara, Ladurée and Sephora. I also did pick up a couple of Paris nick nacks from a souvenir shop – its got to be done yeah? From Zara I bought a black chiffon cami vest but also this gorgeous perfume too which I had tried at the counter and gone away loving the smell so much I went back and purchased the next day. Its really fruity and light and a great daytime scent for only around £10
Next I bought a huge bottle of Bioderma micellar water which did work out cheaper than the bottles I have bought before online here in the UK. This stuff is the best for removing makeup. It doesn’t dry out your skin and gets everything off including the strongest mascara. I picked a big bottle of it so I wont be running out very soon.
I also popped into Sephora. I say popped; I was there for over an hour. Not because I took that long to shop but because the queues were huge! And soooooo slow. I actually almost gave up and put my stuff back. Not the happiest shopping experience of my life I’ll be honest.
But I picked up one of the Sephora mini universal atomizers. These things are ace. Fill them up with your favourite scent from your big bottle and have a mini handbag size atomizer to carry round. This was about £7 so really cheap too. 
I also bought a couple of the Sephora pods with shower gel in. I love the ways these look all stacked up the tubes, so many colours to choose from I would have liked to buy one of every scent. I picked a caramel and a blueberry and cant wait to try these. 
I’ve been wanted to try a quick dry oil to help me out when I’m painting my nails so I grabbed this Sephora own brand one. I’ve tried it already and it does work great, plus I found it really moisturizing too.
Lastly I picked up Benefits Stay Dont Stray. I got a very small sample of this when I bought my wedding makeup and loved it. Its an eye primer but also works really at brightening the eye area too and concealing. Its a big old tube too so this product will last really well.
I also visited Ladurée and treated myself to a little box of 6 macarons which were too pretty to eat and mostly so I could keep the box afterwards. Such a beautiful place and I’d love to have lunch there next time I go to Paris.
So that’s my mini Paris haul and Whats In My Tin
Hope you liked it x
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  • JoAnn July 8, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    I love all the photos! Everything looks so nice <3


    Love <3


  • Jennifer Sophie July 8, 2014 at 11:50 pm

    Lovely post, this makes me want to go to Paris even more! I tried bioderma for the first time the other day and I’m utterly in love with the stuff :) x

  • Jazzie July 10, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    Such a cute tin and I love the atomizer – will have to remember that for my next Sephora trip.

    Jazzie x

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