Saturday Night Skater

September 19, 2011 No Comments
It feels like I was the only blogger not at the LOOK show on Saturday. I must confess I avoided Twitter all day Saturday just so I wouldn’t read too many LOOK show tweets. By all accounts it was fabulous and I definitely want to go next year. I couldn’t make it as it was one of my best friends Hen Do the same day. If I’d made the final 5 in the blogger comp I think I could have made my excuses to miss it but I decided not to apply for normal tickets as I really wanted to be at the party.
The plan was to be pampered all day on Saturday at the Hen’s house by 2 lovely beauticians who came out to the house and did manicures, pedicures, facials and massages, while I made cocktails and we played quizzes and games and sang karaoke. Then later after getting changed head into town and have some drinks and a dance! 
I bought this very cute H&M Skater dress to wear which was a bargain at £12.99.

I really wanted to wear it with my super sky high Own The Runway heels but decided I’d be sensible and wear my lace ankle boots instead.
I also wore my new favourite jacket which is also H&M. Its biker style and is such soft material, its a bargain at £30! The night was great and so nice to hang out with all my girlfriends. My Crazy Angel Tan is still going strong and I am definitely a fake tan convert. 
The dress was a good staple buy I think for the Autumn, I think it will be great with boots or leggings too. Today I’ve been applying for every competition to try and win London Fashion Weekend tickets as I found out there is a Vintage section, so now I’m desperate to go and blog about it. I’ve been invited to a few events recently and not been able to make them because of the “day job” but I’m completely free this weekend! Fingers crosses eh?
What did you all get up to this weekend?? Anyone go to LFW???
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