An Essex Girl In Paris – Part Quatre

June 9, 2014 2 Comments
Heart Collar Dress – ILWF *
Fedora – She Likes *
Boots – New Look sale
Bag – Primark
Rings – Primark
Jacket – G21 Asda
This is almost my last Paris Outfit post and its one of my favourites. I took the opportunity of being abroad to wear my new Shelikes fedora. I think being away makes you braver with fashion, I’ve had countless holidays where I’ve bought some fabulous sun hat from a market stall, thought I was the bees knees with it on and got back to the UK and realised a look like a prat! Thankfully I really love this fedora and I’m pretty sure I pull it off?? Thoughts?? I had planned this outfit in my head and knew the hat would go great with my ILWF Swing dress with this big statement collar and my good old biker jacket. I think this outfit might be channeling the gorgeous Olivia in its style and I love that – she is one pretty cool gal and one of my favourite bloggers.
Plus my new little handbag which is Primark and the perfect size for my SLR and not much else  but I love the monochrome colours. There is a bright pastel one too which you might have seen on a few other blogs.
I wore this outfit for our last day in Paris and a trip to the famous lock bridge and the Eiffel Tower. I had bought my husband a lock engraved with our names and wedding date as a one year anniversary gift and we took it with us and added it on to the bridge and threw the key into the water. I love the bridge I think its really beautiful but I know alot of Parisians think its an eye sore and it has meant that locks have started appearing on all sorts of bridges in the capital as this one gets extremely full up! But I still found it romantic and had to get a few pictures there!!
It was a bit drizzly that day but thankfully the rain held off long enough to visit the Eiffel tower. Last time we came to Paris four years ago we did take a trip up the tower but this day I was just happy to view it from afar and the raised steps at the end of the road (I’m sure there’s an actual name for it) is the perfect place to see it from and the perfect place for photos too it seems as there were two engagement/wedding shoots going on up there. Thank you to my other half for some lovely photos, they are some of my favourite ones from the trip.
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  • Sarah June 10, 2014 at 11:11 am

    Absolutely adore this outfit Debs!

  • Andrea Couscousandcorkwedges June 10, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    Fab location shots & what a great outfit for Paris! Ax

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