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April 5, 2017 2 Comments
fluffy stool diy tutorial

Today's post is another Buy or Diy post and this time its this gorgeous fluffy stool DIY. You can buy the fluffy stool on the left here and with 40% off right now with BIG40 or if you fancy trying your hand at DIY then read on!
I found a couple of stools at a boot sale for less than £10 but you might already have a stool at home or pick one up from a cheap homeware store.  I used fur fabric which I have lots of for my Etsy Shop but your could always use a cheap fluffy cushion which would be even easier as then you can use the wadding inside to pad the stool. I bought a cushion insert for £1 to stuff my stool with. This stool would look really cool with pink fur too!!!

You'll need a heavy duty staple gun which I got from Home Bargains, but the benefit of fur is your staples don't have to be too neat as the deep plush will hide them. You could also paint the stool a pastel colour which would also look very cute.

you will need


fluffy stool diy tutorial
fluffy stool diy tutorial
fluffy stool diy tutorial



I sanded down my stool to get rid of varnish and gave it a coat of watered down white emulsion for a white washed look.

Lay your stool upside down on your fur and cut around it leaving enough allowance for the fur to be attached to the base of the seat and enough room to fit padding in around the edges too.

fluffy stool diy tutorial
fluffy stool diy tutorial


Use a staple gun to attach the fur to the underside of the stool. Staple close to the edge of the fur and you will need to staple small pleats in the fur to get it to fit to a circular shape.
Don't pull the fur too tight to allow you room to put stuffing in.


Work your way round but leave an opening. Use the wadding from inside a cushion and push under the fur and around the sides of the stool to give the top a padded and rounded look.
Staple up the last section.


Floral Embroidered Top Diy
Floral Embroidered Top Diy

 I hope you've enjoyed my quick fluffy stool DIY, its so simple to do and you could use this technique on a dressing table stool or chair too. Feel free to ask me any questions or further help in the comments section.  If DIY is really not your thing then I've linked lots of lovely fluffy stools for you to buy below too.

Happy DIYing!







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  • Lucy April 8, 2017 at 8:16 am

    I love this post, you make it look so easy! The stool looks fab :)

  • Kat August 19, 2017 at 8:28 am

    I love how simple this DIY actually is! I’m thinking of making one for my sisters new flat as christmas gift 👌🏻

    Kat xx


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