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September 8, 2014 1 Comment
Some of you regular blog readers will know that I’ve had some right royal hair traumas recently and had to stop going to my salon that I’ve been a customer of for nearly 7 years. The whole thing left me without a salon to go to and no idea how to find a new one. I ended up recently going to a hairdressers nearly an hour away because I’d spotted some pictures of real client’s hair they’d done on Twitter,  which looked so brilliant I booked in to have mine done.
I thought at the time it was a shame you couldn’t view more salons this way, able to not only see the salons services and price lists but also photos of real clients hair not just models. So I was pretty excited when someone introduced me to the website Rock Pamper Scissors.
This site combines the ability to search for salons in your local area and book appointments as well as being able to view photos of the staff and real customer’s hair pictures and reviews. You can search for anything from a haircut to a facial and find local salons that offer that service. All the salons will be displayed in a list for you to easy compare one against another.
You can click through to any salon and see easily laid out price lists and details as well as simple icons which show a price guide, whether the salon caters for male or female and any first visit special offers
This is such a cool idea, the site is so well laid out and easy to navigate and . The site is still in its early days and so far has both Leeds and Manchester salons registered and available for you to search but I can’t wait for them to get more cities on the site as I think it could be such a useful tool to find yourself a haircut or a facial and choose by reading real customer reviews. 
Head over to Rock Pamper Scissors and take a look I’d love to know what you guys think??

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  • Ashley Fenlon September 9, 2014 at 10:24 am

    I love the sound of this, I’ll definitely be giving it a go when they add Liverpool to it!

    Ashley x

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