10 Things to Do on Valentines if You’re Single

February 11, 2020 1 Comment

Valentine's Day can be one of those days that you dread, especially if you are single. Now that its even more commercialized and with the popularity of social media and people sharing everything online, there is kinda no getting away from it. But Valentine's doesn't have to be all doom and gloom if you're not dating someone, so here are some ideas of things you can do on Valentines if you are single one of which is exactly what I'll be doing on the 14th!

Read on to find out which.


  1. SPA DAY

There is nothing better than a spa day. Not only is it an opportunity to relax and take time out, but also if you're going in for a treatment then that feeling of being properly pampered is great. This is such a good option for Valentines Day I think. Most spas don't allow phones so its a brilliant opportunity to avoid all those lovey dovey facebook and instagram posts which are bound to be all over social media. Plus why not spend the day focussing on you and doing nothing but chilling out and treating yourself.

I especially love how one of my fave spas Lifehouse Spa offers a spa, swim and supper which would be so lovely on any night around Valentines and a great option for after work if a whole spa day isn't possible.



Why not celebrate the women in your life by throwing a Galentine's Day dinner. Although Galentine's Day is technically the 13th of February I think this can be done at any point around Valentines and is such a good excuse to have the girls over.

I've just hosted one as part of a bit of sponsored work with Sainsbury's Home on my instagram and made a video all about how I decorated and set up the table for my Galentine's Dinner. You can watch it here on my IGTV. It was so nice to have my friends over and we drank no alcohol prosecco, ate chips and homemade guacamole, gluten free pasta with tomato and pepper sauce and dairy free strawberry mini pavlovas, while catching up about life, men and all the usual best friends gossip.


It was such a good evening and as I really love cooking and hosting it really cheered me up.

ideas for valentines day if single
things to do on valentines if single


A bit of retail therapy will always make me feel better, even more so an actual shopping trip. I'm heading to Birmingham with my sister this week and we plan to visit the HUGE Primark there which I can't wait for. Even though I am restricting myself from buying too much, I'm excited to have a good old wander and a try on sesh too.
If online shopping is more your thing then relax in the comfort of your sofa with a glass of wine and browse the best of the New In sections which is also one of my favourite things to do.



I'm a bit of a gym class convert. I like having something to go to regularly and even though I go with my best friend, I have been to classes on my own. They are great fun and I always end up chatting to someone. I must confess to not being a fan of intense classes like HIIT or spinning but I do love yoga. Not only does it relax my mind and improve my flexibility but its again a great opportunity to be off my phone for an hour or so.
So why not head to a class on Valentines Day, not only will it get you out of the house but those post workout endorphins will also give you a massive mood boost.


I loved the idea of doing something really fun and different for Valentines Day, so when my friend suggested a night of putting and cocktails at Junkyard Golf  I was like "Hell yeah!!" Not only is it a fun activity in a really quirky location but there's cocktails involved, so win win! If you fancy doing something a bit different too how about rock climbing? Or an Escape room? Or even a medieval banquet? Think outside the box and pick something really different which will give you a Valentine's you'll remember for all the right reasons.



If you struggle with Valentines Day, why not use it as a time to put together a vision board all about what you want for your future year ahead. I made my own vision board last year and it does feature what I would like from the future including love and relationships.

Spending your Valentines cutting out pictures that inspire you and building a visual scrapbook with a glass of vino, sounds like a great evening to me. If you need inspiration on how to put together your board then do watch my Vision Board Video here

things to do at valentines if single
things to do on valentines if you're single


Treating yourself doesn't have to mean going out or spending money. I love a good pamper night and Valentine's evening is a great time to do this either just you or with friends. Whack on a face mask, (my fave are the Garnier tissue masks) paint those toenails, have a bath, light a candle - anything you really love to do or that makes you feel better. I always feel so much better when I've tinted and waxed my brows and toned my hair pink. Do all those little grooming jobs and that way you can wake up on the 15th feeling fab and looking great.



There's no better time than Valentines day to binge watch Sex and the City. That program never fails to make me laugh or feel better about my disastrous dating life. Plus I adore the outfits and spotting the designer handbags. Why not spend your Valentines working your way through your fave season of SATC. Mine is the final series, I just love Carries style in that series and all of her Paris outfits are to die for.

Or why not binge a brand new series. Turn your phone off and immerse yourself in something you've never seen. Pick a series or documentary you can smash through in one night like The Stranger or The Pharmacist on Netflix.


One of the best Valentines I ever spent was years ago back when I was single, me and a friend spent it watching a scary movie at the cinema followed by a feast at Macdonalds. It was literally the opposite to all the romance and fine dining of Valentine's Day and it was brilliant. How about heading to the cinema to see a scary flick or a movie marathon of horror films with a big back of popcorn and snacks galore - sounds fab!!



Now I'm not suggesting everyone gets tattooed but last Valentine's Day, my first proper single one I did get a tattoo that said "Self Love" I did it 100% for me. Tattoos are something I love and I hadnt had one for ages because my ex wasnt a fan. So I did it as a gesture to myself and maybe as a new tradition. Why not do something like that - have a hair transformation or book a solo trip somewhere. Do something bold and something totally and 100% just for you!




delicate arm tattoo writing

If truth be told, Valentine's really is just another Friday. So maybe just treat it like any other day and also remind yourself that most couples are probably staying in with an M&S Dine in for £10, so you're really not missing out. Do what you normally would; put the washing on, cook dinner, have a glass of wine or a g&t and go to bed. By the next morning its the 15th and it will all be done and dusted for another year.

Let me know if you're going to be doing any of my ideas of things to do on valentine's if you're single?



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  • Vanessa February 20, 2020 at 6:21 pm

    As bad as it sounds – especially nowadays when everyone is obsessed with sustainability – indulging in a bit of retail therapy is what makes me feel heaps better. I’ve been single for fifteen years now and I absolutely hate and dread Valentine’s Day every year. Literally, the only things that make me feel better on Feb 14th are shopping (online) and reading. This year, I ended up ordering 10 books for myself online from my local bookstore haha!

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