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November 27, 2019 3 Comments
new olympus pen epl10 camera review (10)

So Olympus has released a brand new version of their best selling Olympus PEN camera the EPL10 and as Olympus PEN is my camera of choice and I happen to be an Olympus Creator I have managed to get my hands on the new model and thought I would do a little first look here on the blog. So here is my Olympus PEN EPL10 camera review as well as an amazing offer on it to share at the end and a 20% off Olympus discount code too!!

(Please note this post features gifted items and affiliate links)

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So the first thing you are going to notice is the new Olympus PEN EPL10 doesn’t look that different design wise from the previous EPL9 camera. But there are a few subtle changes that I think are great.

Firstly, the Black model is way sleeker. The EPL10 comes in a black leather and dark gunmetal grey metal body and it is so good looking vs the old black and silver body, I'm big fan of this. The Taupe (brown) version is mostly the same except the leather is in a slightly more softer and muted tone of brown and similar to the White model some of the metal trims on the body are now in a slightly rose gold toned metal rather than the silver which is a really lovely feature. All in all the design isn’t much altered, but then as they say – “If it aint broke”

Layout wise the buttons and the dials are all laid out the same as the previous model with the dial featuring

AUTO - Basically point and shoot, P - This is halfway between Auto and Manual, A - Aperture priority mode, S - Shutter priority mode, M- Manual mode, SCN - Scene Mode, AP - Advanced Photo Mode, ART - Here you will find 16 Art Filters you can instantly apply to photos and VIDEO - Shoot 4K and 1080p movies.

Settings and menu’s wise its very similar to the EPL9 so if you want a more detailed breakdown of that then check out my Olympus PEN EPL9 post here.


The biggest change is the improvements to the WI-Fi connectivity. One of the best things about the Olympus PEN cameras is the ability to quickly import your photos and videos on to your phone for instant sharing but occasionally on the other models there were connectivity issues and setting it up was a slightly clunky process. Now it is much more streamlined and easier and the previous blips especially when using the remote-control function seem to have been sorted and from my experience of testing out the camera it all works really well with no problems.

The Olympus OI share app, which is what you use to connect your Olympus PEN to your phone, has had an update too and this combined with the improved functionality from the EPL10 itself means the wi-fi connectivity is much quicker and much more stable. I also love the fact that in the app you can now see when you have downloaded an image to your phone with a check mark. This has made things much simpler for me as I do transfer a lot of my images to my phone and edit them there for Instagram.

The remote-control function in the OI Share app is such an asset to have. I use it so much for shooting photos when there is only me. You can use it out and about or around the home like I do for set up shots. Within the OI Share app you can alter the settings on your Olympus PEN EP10 everything from Camera Mode to exposure comp and self timers. The Custom self timer mode is great where you can choose a number of shots up to 10 and interval time between as well as the timer for the shooting to start. I love this option and use my custom timer a lot which is set to 7 seconds timer, 10 shots with an interval of 2 second between. Its great for changing positions and capturing movement too.

olympus PEN epl10 camera review
olympus PEN epl10 camera review


And another great update is that you can now use the OI share app remote function to record long length videos. Previously you could only record short clips using the app which was annoying. This is now so handy if you use your Olympus PEN to film for YouTube etc.


Now you can use the Remote-Control function in the OI Share App see a live view of your set up and also start and stop recording using the app. Note that you can only record videos with settings of 30 frames per second and the app will automatically change this setting for you. You also won’t be able to record 4k video using the remote function.


If filters are your thing then the Olympus PEN EPL10 has all the same 16 Art Filters as the EPL9 but in the Olympus PEN EPL10 you can now adjust the intensity of a couple of the art filters as well as being able to add frames and other overlay effects from the menu on the left hand side. This is a neat little update and one that allows much more creativity. You can also apply these filters to your filming/movies which is a hugely popular thing on Instagram now and often done post recording, but on the EPL10 you'll be able to see your recording with the filter applied live on the camera.


Of course the big pull of the Olympus PEN range is the ability to use any of the Olympus M.Zuiko lenses and the big favourite is the 45mm 1.8 lens. This lens has the most amazing blur to it and is incredible for capturing portraits, detail shots and full body shots too. And this brings me neatly on to the amazing offer that Olympus have on the new PEN EPL10. Exclusively on the Olympus webshop you get a free 45mm lens worth £279 with the purchase of the new Olympus PEN EPL10! It will automatically add to your basket and with my code BANGONSTYLE10 you will get 20% off the camera kit too!! This is an amazing offer and definitely one to snap up before it ends. Its valid on the White, Taupe and Black EPL10


If you already own an Olympus PEN camera and fancy a new Olympus lens or a strap, bag or accessory then good news you can ue the code BANGONSTYLE10 to get 20% off them too.


Below are some examples of the shots you can capture with the amazing 45mm 1.8 lens.


new olympus pen epl10 camera review (2)
olympus 45mm lens photo examples (1)
olympus 45mm lens photo examples (2)
olympus 45mm lens photo examples (1)


Hope you've found my quick Olympus Pen EPL10 camera review helpful. If you've got any questions at all about the new Olympus PEN EPL10 feel free to comment or send me a DM on instagram!!!



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  • Fabio December 1, 2019 at 7:02 pm

    “If filters are your thing then the Olympus PEN EPL10 has all the same 16 Art Filters as the EPL9 but in the Olympus PEN EPL10 you can now adjust the intensity of each art filter for more control over your images. This is a neat little update and one that allows much more creativity.“ Hi, just to let you know that this is not true. You can reduce only the Pop and Soft filters, so two of 16.

    • Bang on Style December 12, 2019 at 5:02 pm

      Thank you for this. Had a play around and yes the intensity of only those two can be amended but other adjustments can be made to all 16 filters. Will amend post to be more clear xxx

  • Lainer January 30, 2020 at 8:09 pm

    Don’t forget the Olympus Pen F. It has the awesome color wheel dial in front.

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