How I’m switching up my style this year

March 28, 2019 1 Comment
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If you read my New Years Resolutions post you'll know that I really wanted to switch up my style this year. Not change it drastically as its taken me years to find my style and the fact that I like casual, easy to wear outfits. but more that I want to braver with how I put together outfits and to make sure I make the most of all the amazing pieces of clothing I already own or I buy. I feel like by the end of last year I got stuck in such an outfit rut, always chucking on the same pair of jeans and it meant so much of my wardrobe didn't get worn and I got really bored of how I looked. So here's how I'm switching up my style and outfits this year.



new look jacket and ripped black jeans outfit


One thing that was hindering me creating outfits was how much of a mess my wardrobe was and how much stuff was in there that I just didn't need or wear. I had the biggest clear out and reorganization and its made such a difference.

Not only has it reduced whats in my wardrobe down to the things I actually wear but I created a section for outfits where I can hang a whole outfit on one hanger.  I put together these outfits as I went through all my clothes but also as I purchase or am gifted anything new. I even went as far as hanging belts and matching accessories on the hanger too.

Now it means if I'm short of time, instead of grabbing my usual jeans and a jumper outfit there are lots of options of pre put together outfits all there ready. It also gave me an opportunity to hang up items I haven't worn in ages to encourage me to work them into an outfit that week.

You can watch my video of my wardrobe reorganization here.




Pinterest is such a good source of inspiration for everything from home decor, tattoos, crafts, food and fashion too. I use it a lot and I have so many boards including fashion ones. I recently started a few more outfit inspo boards to help inspire me. If I get a new item of clothing like a particular blazer, I will always have a quick search on Pinterest for ideas of how I could style it, its chock full of stylish outfits so you're bound to find something.

If you want to check out my Pinterest boards then do have a nosey and a follow if you are a pinner too.

For more outfit inspiration you can also save images from Instagram and you can now categorize and collate them in your Saved tab. I have lots of images saved here too which help inspire me how to put outfits together.




green spotty dress with biker jacket
pink jumpsuit with sriped top underneath


I want to be braver with accessories. Oh I'll always chuck on a bit of jewellery and I'm massively into big earrings at the moment but I'm trying to add other types of accessories into my outfits. One of the big trends right now are hair accessories like clips and headscarves or headbands. I've finally jumped on the pearl hair-clip bandwagon and bought myself some bargain ones to test out the trend and I have a video coming to my channel soon all about how to style scarves.



I think the easiest way for me to wear something a bit different is to not base the outfit round a pair of jeans. I do love my jeans and I still wear them a lot but I've been trying to wear different types of trousers and even would you believe it rocking a  few dresses and skirts too.



I'm not someone to jump on a trend just because everyone else is. For example as much as everyone raved about furry loafers I just couldn't get on board. Some trends though are tricky and I often wonder how to go about working them, like Colour Blocking and Neutrals but I'm always inspired by how other people and especially other bloggers wear them.  One place for so much inspiration is Erica Davies instagram, she often on her stories shares styling ideas and I have screenshot so many combinations and outfit ideas to save for later. Honestly she has such a knack for putting cool combo's together and ones that I wouldn't have thought of.



This is a big one for me. So often I don't bother to put together an interesting outfit when I go somewhere and opt for comfort and ease instead and that's why so much of my wardrobe goes unworn. But now I'm trying to make an effort to wear nice outfits when I go places, even at the risk of being over dressed ha ha. I want to step out of my comfort zone more. Not to the point where I don't look like me, but for example wearing dresses more. Even though I don't always feel 100% comfortable in dresses, there are so many styles that can be worn casual with trainers and a biker and once I get one on I do think "Ah why don't I wear them more often?"


So fingers crossed with just a few of these changes I'm hoping I can switch up my style this year and I will of course share all my new fangled outfits with you over on my Instagram.

I'd love to know how you feel about your style? Do you want to switch things up ?? Are you gonna try any of these tips too?



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  • Minah Lynn April 2, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    Nice switch and cool outfits!

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