My 2019 resolutions & why I decided to make them

January 7, 2019 3 Comments
New years resolution list

I don't usually make New Years Resolutions. Mostly because in the past I'd make them with all good intentions, not stick to them and then be filled with an overwhelming sense of guilt that I didn't achieve what were usually some pretty unobtainable goals anyway. But this year is different.

2018 was a wash out for me. I didn't work as hard as I could of done, I didn't feel as happy as I should of done and I sure as hell didn't do as much as I wanted to have done. That's a whole lot of coulda woulda shoulda's. Now of course you can say I had a lot going on, a massive break up and a broken heart to contend with, but I can't blame it all on that. The fact is I let everything that happened last year swallow me up and I'm determined to make this year sooooo much better. And so, hence the resolutions. Or maybe they're promises? Promises to myself that I'm at least going to try to stick to these things, because deep down I know they'll make me happier and most likely healthier in the long run.

Changes are coming this year, I'm going to eventually be in a new house with a new life to lead and so I wanted to start the year with a change in mindset too. So here's the things I'm going to try and do more in 2019.

gluten free low fodmap soup


I got really good last year at not eating. Most people comfort eat when going through a tough time but not me. I swapped coffee for food and despite the fact its left me pretty trim its not really a great way to live. When cooking for two changed to cooking for one, I just kind of stopped being bothered. Became lazy and if I did eat, I ate all the wrong things-  mostly whatever was quick and came from the Tesco Metro on the corner. The thing is I love to cook. I worked for 4 years as a chef back in my 20's and I'm a dab hand at whipping up a meal from random fridge contents Ready Steady Cook style. So I'm trying my hand at batch cooking. Cooking lots of healthy meals on a Sunday, which are gluten & dairy free too and boxing them up in the fridge and freezer, that way I have no excuse not to eat. But when I do whack something in the microwave, at least its something healthy and homemade. I'm going to share some of the things I cook over on my instagram stories so keep an eye out.This is my attempt at this Gluten Free minestrone soup from Becky's blog, and it was really tasty!




So as I said I have lost quite a bit of weight and I'm actually super happy about that. I had gained some over the years and I didn't honestly feel that great about myself. Now I'm back to a weight where I'm happy and kind of by accident so I want to not only maintain this weight now by eating healthier, but try and really tone up too. Now I'm an exercise phobe. I don't enjoy my muscles aching or being unable to walk the next day after doing a really hard workout so I'm going to be easing myself in slowly. And as I'm trying to save money I won't be rejoining the gym for now, instead I'll be using online resources like YouTube for Yoga and workouts and also running a couple of times a week too. This is the one that will be the true test if I stick to it, but I have to just keep focusing on all the good endorphins I'm going to get and hopefully the nice firm bum too ha ha.



So you may think I spend my life taking photos, which yes I do but they tend to be quite specific and usually to do with a piece of freelance work or a blog post. But what I want to do more is get back into just taking photos because I enjoy it. In fact in my new place I want to eventually have some of my photography on the wall rather than a Desenio print like every other bugger has. As well as this, I really want to shoot as many bloggers/people as possible this year. I'm excited to be working with a few new bloggers for 2019, so I can't wait to help them create their content too.



I like having stuff to look forward to, whether thats days out, holidays or just a takeaway on a Friday night and thats why I'm trying to make more plans in 2019 so I can have lots of things to get me through the year. I mentioned on my instagram that I was planning a trip away for my birthday in March which was my friend Vicky's idea to basically

black baker boy hat and olympus pen epl9

distract me from the fact I'm turning 38. Honestly I'm not happy about it!!! So we're off to Lisbon, with my friend Bex too for a girly trip away. Hopefully I can drink enough wine to forget I'm another year older. I'm also planning a new tattoo for 2019. Again something that I love and something that I hadn't done in a long time for various reasons. So making at least one exciting plan a month I can look forward to is definitely something I'm going to do.

pink jumpsuit with sriped top underneath


I own soooooo many clothes and yet I always wear the same things and when I'm frantically grabbing my outfit (usually when I'm running late) it tends to be pretty safe. So for 2019 I want to step out of my comfort zone a bit and make the most of the wardrobe I have as well as adding in new pieces AND style them up into more interesting outfits. Its something I'm going to write a blog post about so I won't say too much more but its something I've already started to put into practice.


God I cried a lot in 2018. And not just on my own I would burst into tears at the drop of a hat in front of friends all the time when talking about stuff and do you know what, crying is exhausting man AND it certainly doesn't do your face any favours. So I've made a promise to myself that I'm not going to cry anymore over the same bloody things. That's not to say I'm never going to shed a tear because lets face it sometimes you just got to let it out, but I want 2019 to be the year I laughed way more than I cried. So many things make me laugh. Emma Hill usually cracks me up several times a day, YouTube videos, films, tv, stupid meme's, my dogs, honestly the list is endless so my resolution is to focus on things that make me cry with laughter, not just cry!


I read hardly anything in 2018 unless it was on my iPhone screen and I have an ever growing pile of books sitting waiting to be read. So I'm making the effort to pick a book up and read it.

I finally finished my friend Laura's amazing book Becoming and am about to start her book Ice Cream For Breakfast. Then I'm going to work my way through the rest of my pile. I'm usually a fiction reader. I love Stephen King and crime books but I'm branching out!






New years resolution list
cosy cardigan with jeans outfit


I waste way too much of my life scrolling. I mean its hard when your job involves social media but last year my screen time was clocking over 8 hours a day! That's not good. I know that came from using of dating apps and also my increase in posting on stories, but even still something had to change and right at the end of 2018 I posted about deleting all my dating apps and putting restrictions on my apps using the iPhone screen time functions. I've kept those functions on so I have a 5 hour social media limit after that all my apps turn off and at 10pm they all go off until 7am the next morning, unless I override them obviously!

The biggest thing I became guilty of was just endlessly scrolling instagram. We all do it, but its so demotivating as all it makes you do is feel shit about yourself or your life. Honestly the Instagram explore page is just a place to be avoided at all costs. So my resolution - stop scrolling and watching how other people live their life and just live your own! Honestly, I'm sure no one will ever lie on their deathbed and say " I do wish I'd spent more time on instagram"




This relates so much to my screen time thing. I've been single for a while now but by November last year it got to the point where I'd developed a bit of an unhealthy obsession with my dating apps. Hours spent swiping because I was so desperate to get back on the horse and start dating. I don't know why but I felt a sense of urgency and that only led to me making the wrong swipes and inevitably being let down and hurt. Another reason why I deleted them all.

Now, so yeah ok I've re downloaded a couple but going forward I'm being way more careful and spending a whole lot less time on there. I'm trying to focus on getting myself and my life sorted so now its about meeting someone, not just anyone.

Of course stay tuned on instagram #debsondating ha ha


I know there's lots of talk about not focusing on the hussle, that there's more to life than work and yeah I totally agree with that. But this year I'm going to be all about the hussle. I didn't work half a hard as I could of done last year and I'm determined to make my blog and my photography even bigger and more successful this year. Not least because I'm going to need to in order to support myself and pay rent but also because I'm flippin lucky to even be able to earn any kind of living from this crazy online world.

Blog wise I'm going to be writing more in my Starting Again series and sharing more photography tutorials and reviews in my Olympus PEN Section. Plus more to come on YouTube including some home tours and more videos with Emma! I'm excited to see what happens and plan by the end of the year to be thriving, not just surviving!



So they are my Resolutions for 2019. Some big, some not but I'm hoping I can stick to them all. I'd love to know if you set any resolutions this year and what they were?  Let me know



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  • Hayley Hall January 8, 2019 at 10:00 am

    Some great resolutions Debs – and a great place to start. Wishing you all the fabness for 2019 xx

  • Honey January 9, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    I always write them down and then I’m just left disappointed each year because I don’t actually do any of those. It’s just not for me, but I still love writing lists haha
    I like reading these because I get inspired and I realize what also I could do. I especially love how you put it “date someone, not just anyone”. I think a lot of girls forget that and just want to be in any relationship…

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagrampersonal blog Beehive

  • Caroline January 18, 2019 at 9:45 pm

    Some great goals and some I can relate to myself! :)
    I have no doubt that this year is going to be good to you, Debs. You have a good heart and good people around you, who if you let them I’m sure will support you through the less than desirable times.
    You’ve got this! :)


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