Why I can’t stop feeling weekend regret!

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Oasis Loungewear lashes tshirt

I woke up on Monday feeling really really meh and I realised that more and more I am suffering from weekend regret. I decided I wanted to put some of my thoughts about it in a post and see if I'm not alone. Plus it gives me a chance to share some of the images I took for Oasis for their website for their brand new lounge-wear range, the images were so beautiful and I was so pleased with them, that I had to share them here on my blog. I've linked all the lounge-wear pieces which are all super cute and comfy too.


Back when I worked full-time, before I even knew what blogging was, weekends were a very different thing. I was younger too, so many a Saturday was spent recovering from a Friday of working late and partying even later. Weekends back then were always to do social stuff or do nothing.

When I started blogging and I still had my job too, weekends became two days of trying to cram in taking photos, editing and writing posts and catching up with emails. I must confess my weekends stopped being about what I wanted to do and became what I needed to do instead.

oasis loungwear

As I started to enjoy my full-time job less I literally began to live for the weekend. Two days of no work, no politics and no stress, but Sunday night would come and I would feel the inevitable Sunday nights blues. In fact, it would seep in as early as 5pm and my weekend would be ruined.

Once I went full time on the blog this feeling went. Don’t get me wrong I do lie in bed sometimes and worry about how much I have to do or where my next job might come from, but I don’t feel that sense of dread about Monday anymore.

That being said now that I work for myself the lines between a working week and weekend have become very blurred. I don’t have a distinct weekend like other people. Although I can decide when I want to work I often find myself editing a video or writing a post at the weekend and even the task of uploading to Instagram or keeping up with social media, when its your job, feels an awful lot like working to be honest.

TOP IMAGE tee | bottoms 

LEFT IMAGE tee | shorts

Often, I find myself writing to do lists for the weekend full of blog or home diy jobs and the end of the two days inevitable feel an immense sense of failure that I haven’t achieved anything on it. There have been so many articles about this. This need we all seem to have to be super busy all of the time. Of course, when you work for yourself and only you control how much money you make then there is a big pressure to be constantly hustling.  On the other hand, if I have a weekend of doing nothing, lying on the sofa watching Netflix, having a bath, ordering Chinese, I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for wasting the weekend and not being productive. But I am a firm believer in self-care; a night off social with a bath or a face mask or buying yourself something really nice for your tea. I just wish I could follow my own advice and relax. Even when I am lazing about binge watching a box set I can’t get the thought out of my head that there are other things I should be doing.

I am such a stay in and be cosy person too. Testament to that is the fact my collection joggers and loungewear is way bigger than my dresses/going out wardrobe and I get way more excited by a jumper that is fleece lined inside, than any sparkly party dress.

It doesn’t help that my Instagram scrolling convinces me that my weekend is a complete failure. My feed is full of people doing exciting things, posing with their impressive avo on toast or sipping their swanky cocktails in some rooftop bar in Shoreditch, meanwhile I’m sat in my pj’s watching old episodes of Bake Off and eating Nutella straight out of the jar, all the while feeling that my weekend in comparison just doesn’t measure up.

Oh, and don’t even get me started with bank Holiday weekends, the pressure is even greater to not only squeeze in as much fun having as you can into three days, but to spend it doing something interesting and most likely outside.

Oasis loungewear slogan tee and shorts
Oasis loungewear slogan tee and shorts

vest | bottoms | tee | shorts

All in all, this all leads to a totally meh feeling on Monday either because I feel like I’ve wasted my two days or because I feel unrested after trying to achieve too much and the weekend regret and fomo continues. I honestly don’t know what the solution is. I’m trying to have one day for being super productive and one day for lazy weekend things and I’m also trying to get out and do stuff too. In fact this weekend I am off to Wireless festival for a day out with Debenhams and part of me was like “Go out on a Sunday!!!” when I got the email but I decided why the hell not and I can't wait.

What do you do at weekend? Do you ever feel a pressure to have a busy weekend and do you experience weekend regret too?



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