Things I learned from my mother

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things I learned from my mother

There is no doubt that your mum is an incredible influence on you and your life. I am so like my mum in so many ways, a fact my family constantly remind me of. Not only do I look very similar to her when she was my age, but we definitely share some personality traits. We are both easily irritated, a lack of tolerance for anything like gum chewing or whistling is a trait we both have and we most definitely share a tendency to stress and over worry about things. But the older I get the more I realise that my mum has taught me so many life lessons I live by now and certainly is who I got some of best qualities from. I'm so lucky to have a brilliant relationship with my mum. She's been a huge support to me over the last few months and I'm so grateful that I have her to talk to even if its is just on the end of a phone. These are just some of the things I learned from my mother.

The joy of Cooking

My mum cooked a lot when I was a child, from cakes to shepherds pie, I always saw my food being cooked and not just heated and I know its what led me to be enjoy to cook myself and not really eat much processed food.  I wrote about this a bit in my Growing up in the 80's post. My mum still cooks a lot and still bakes too. I'm no baker mind I don't have the patience for the measuring and preciseness but I do enjoy to make things like chilli and soups and I am a dab hand at whipping up a meal from random ingredients. I've always thought when I had children I would want them to eat home cooked food and make sure they grew up seeing me cook things from scratch.

things I learned from my mother
things I learned from my mother

Being Creative & Crafty

I definitely get my creative side from my mum. For years my mum helped out at the local youth club that I went to and she was usually in charge of some making activity, from making mini pizza faces  to screen printing on fabric using an iron and patterned paper bags, I remember my mum being incredibly crafty. I most definitely get my love of painting, glueing and making from her. Years later I would go into Stage Management as a profession, a job that really used my creative side making props for shows and now as a full time blogger I still love to make and upcycle stuff and that's why I love creating my DIY posts.

Save and Reuse

My mum is one of those mum's who unwraps presents carefully so she can keep the wrapping paper and washes out ice cream tubs so she can use them to store sandwiches. I definitely got this habit from her. I save everything; from cardboard to pretty paper to jars, I keep hold of things mainly so I can use it for a diy, but that idea of save and reuse totally came from my mum. I keep ribbons off every parcel I get to use in flat lays or to wrap presents and I wash out jars and bottles to make them into something else.

How will it wash?

I always remember when I was younger my mum saying "ooh it won't wash well" and I'd think what is she on about? But do you know what, she was absolutely blummin right. As I've got older I do consider things like how will it wash? or will it bobble? before I buy items and I do tend to avoid items I know won't last.  Its pretty false economy to buy cheap items that then go funny in the wash, proof that often mum's do know best!! ha ha

Bag a bargain.

My mum loves a good bargain. Ever to be found in the reduced section of the supermarket she loves to snap up a good sale item. Now I most definitely get my penchant for spending off my dad but my love of a great bargain comes from my mum. There is nothing better than finding that dress you really wanted with 50% off or finding a bargain in a charity shop. I love it!


Don't be afraid to complain.

There is nothing wrong with saying if you are not happy. My mum is never afraid to say if she doesn't like something, move hotel rooms if she's not happy or send her food back in restaurants and I really respect this about her. I like to think I'm the same. I'll always say if something isn't right and I won't keep quiet if I'm unhappy. I think complaining isn't always a negative thing, its brave to be honest.


Be kind

My mum is extraordinarily kind. She gives up her time to visit elderly members of the church and volunteers to collect for charity. I really hope I am as kind as she is. Sometimes being kind is a simple as dropping off a piece of cake to a neighbour or sending a text to someone to cheer them up and I often think what would my mum do? She has been incredibly kind to me over the last few months with her time, a listening ear and her advice. 


Laugh and be silly.

My mum can be so silly sometimes and there is nothing better than sharing a laugh with her. This week we had such a good time at an event getting a little bit tipsy on cocktails and having such a good giggle and I loved just laughing with her. Even though she can be so serious at times I also know she can also be daft and I'm definitely like this too. I love to laugh and if I ever feel down I like to watch something funny on tv and I always feel better.



That's just some of the things I learned from my mother. Happy Mothers Day Mum and thank you for everything.


What did you learn from your mum? How has she influenced your personality?




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