My Bad Fashion Habits #1 | Buying things & Not wearing them

February 2, 2018 5 Comments

I might be a fashion blogger and someone who really loves fashion, but I still seem to have some bad fashion habits and this velvet jacket represents one of my biggest ones "Buying things and then never wearing them". The problem is I fall in love with things and all sense and reasoning goes out of the window and on the whole these items of clothing tend to be dressy statement pieces.

bad fashion habits
black velvet embroidered jacket outfit with chanel boy bag
black velvet embroidered jacket outfit with chanel boy bag

I saw this velvet jacket in Zara and I just adored it. The embroidery, the detailing, its incredible. But it was £80!! That for me is a lot of money for something that's not an everyday kind of piece. I love fashion and I love clothes and yes ok I might have a Gucci handbag, but on the whole my clothes tend to be from the High Street and pretty affordable. I might splash out more on say trainers or a coat, but this little jacket was a pretty pricey purchase. So as it was I didn't buy it instantly or casually, I actually debated about it for quite a while in Zara, deciding in my head what it would go with and also working out what I could sell in order to pay for it. I have a deal you see, that if I buy something really expensive I have to get rid of something else and to be honest I had a sequin trophy jacket I had never worn (you see alarm bells should have rung here!!) and so I sold that.



 I bought this jacket back in September and in my head I saw this being perfect for drinks over Christmas with jeans and a choker and it was so nice I wanted to save it for something really special. So it hung in my wardrobe and Christmas came and when I did go out I opted to wear other items like a sparkly blouse or jumper. The problem is the jacket wasn't warm enough for Winter weather so you couldn't wear it on its own and the idea of layering another jacket on top just didn't work for me. Plus when we went out for dinner on Christmas eve I decided I didn't want to sit and eat wearing a jacket and whatever I put it with it just didn't look right. 

So this beauty sat in my wardrobe, unworn and a complete waste of money. Every time I opened my wardrobe I felt so bad that I'd paid so much money and never worn it, but I still loved the detail of it and the style. The problem is I think I love the idea of an item, but as they are often dressy items and I don't think I ever really go anywhere, they just don't get worn. If I buy jumpers or denim or even jewellery, they will get worn to death, but those items that are a bit smarter just never get worn. This is a shopping mistake I seem to repeat over and over again. I bought these incredible pearl heels, another Zara buy and they were lovely and low heeled and I thought wow these will be so cute with jeans. Have I ever worn them? No. Not once. I love them and I still look at them and think ahhhh they are so pretty but every time an opportunity has come to wear them I end up in flats. Because I am a flats person, my feet hurt in heels but I want to be a heels wearer. I love the way they look. See - I love "the idea" of the heels. Now the heels were pretty cheap to be honest, but even still I seem to accumulating a wardrobe of items that look nice but don't get worn. I have dresses with tags on, tops that have never come out of the wardrobe, its a genuine problem!

black velvet embroidered jacket outfit with chanel boy bag
bad fashion habits
black velvet embroidered jacket outfit with chanel boy bag

So whats the solution? I either need to get out of this bad fashion habit, stop buying dressy items and really embrace the fact I am a casual dresser (which I wrote about in this post "Why Casual Dressing Will Always Be My Style") or I need to make an effort to wear some of these items. I finally wore the velvet jacket for coffee with Laura and it looked lovely but if you are like me and rational things with a cost per wear this jacket is currently £80 per wear!!!! Not great.

Its a bad fashion habit and one I really need to break. I have more too! So many more in fact that I'll be sharing them on the blog in a little series so I'd love to know your Bad Fashion habits too or if you are a "Buy and Never wear" kind of person too?





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  • Hayley February 2, 2018 at 9:42 am

    I love this jacket! I do this too, save things for ‘best’ – but I’ve learned that working from home and being a 30-something boring person who doesn’t get out that much, I need to just wear it and enjoy. It’s all about layering, but also don’t feel bad if you keep something and don’t even wear it for a year or two; sometimes I rediscover and fall back in love with stuff and it’s never off me!

  • Liz February 2, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    ah I am so glad its not just me who does this! I am a serial ‘save for special occasion (that never happens)’ person, worse still if I do have a special outing/party to attend, I will probably buy something new again anyway and then never wear it again 🤦🏻‍♀ looking forward to hearing more bad habits I can resonate with!

  • Casey February 3, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    I’m like this with clothes and beauty products!! So much so that I’m pretty certain I could rival Boots and Primark with my ‘stock’
    I’m so guilty of getting things and leaving them ‘for best’ that I’m now trying to consciously use/wear every day. It’s nice actually, as now it feels like I’m treating myself everyday.

  • Kate Mitchell February 4, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    I love the jacket you should defo wear it more xxx

  • Minah Lynn October 16, 2019 at 8:33 pm

    I am guilty of this one! The reason why I always have a messy closet! :D

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