How to create a painted pumpkin display

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painted pumpkins for halloween

I've been filling my house with so many painted pumpkins, my husband must be going mad. They are so much easier than carvin and I love how creative you can be with them. When I wrote my 6 Painted Pumpkin Design post last year it went down so well I really wanted to create some more for this Halloween. I love creating mix and match painted pumpkin designs as a real centrepiece for Halloween, so for today's post I thought I'd show you how to create your own Painted Pumpkin Display. 

One of the first thing is to choose your pumpkins. You'll want a slecetion of sizes and shapes and I bought mine from Aldi, a garden centre and from a local greengrocers too. I chose a real mixture of shapes and ones with knobby bits on and I also made sure I chose ones with really nice shaped stalks. For my display I've opted for one large pumpkin, one half the size of this and then three small ones.

painted pumpkin display for halloween
painted pumpkins for halloween
painted pumpkins for halloween
First up is to create your main pumpkin design. This one can be the most ornate and the one that will dictate your colour scheme for the rest of the display.
I've gone with a really intricate pink and gold sugar skull pumpkin design including pearls, gems and gold glitter plus lots of black outlining. This means the rest of my mix and match pumpkins for my display will have at least one of these colours on them.
Watch how to make this Sugar Skull Painted pumpkin in my DIY video.
For my medium pumpkin I've gone for all over black paint and a gold text design. This black one is painted with a tester pot of simple black emulsion which ties in with all the black lines on the statement pumpkin.
I then sketched the text on and filled in with gold acrylic paint with a thin brush. You could choose any Halloweeny word, I went for BOO!
I've finished off the stem with gold glitter for a bit of sparkle.
painted pumpkin display for halloween
painted pumpkins for halloween
painted pumpkin display for halloween
painted pumpkins for halloween
The key to creating a really cute painted pumpkin display that looks quirky, is to mix and match colours and designs.

So I started off my painting my three small ones, two white and one pink. I then recreated my Marble pumpkin design from last year and embellished the top with pearls to tie in with the sugar skull design. My second white pumpkin had all these cute knobbly bits so I painted all of these in gold acrylic and the stem too. 
Lastly I painted a leaf style design onto the pink mini pumpkin using gold paint and a small brush and then adding stalk details and dots with a black marker.

I love this display. Its pride of place in my kitchen and I really love the combination of different designs but all within a colour theme.


If you fancy having a go this weekend make sure you watch my Painted Pumpkin DIY videos over on my Youtube channel and subscribe for more diy videos to come.





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