Finding my dad a Fathers day Fragrance

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fathers day aftershave gift ideas
fathers day aftershave gift ideas
fathers day fragrance

I am and have always been 100% a daddy's girl.  I have so many incredible memories of my dad, from him holding my hand whilst we roller skated, car journeys back and forth from University when we would talk for hours about all sorts of things. Him attempting crafts from a page ripped from a magazine to make me a cat mask for a Halloween party, to him asking "Alright pet?" as he walked me down the aisle on my wedding day, I am so lucky to have such a caring and loving father. Don't get me wrong my dad can be very matter of fact and whereas my mum will answer emotionally my dad will always give a practical response, but I love him so much and nothing beats a cuddle from my dad. Its often really hard living so far away from my folks and when days like Father's Day come round it can be even harder, but its also a great excuse to treat him to some lovely gifts and hopefully show him how much I love him.

Scents are the most powerful memory stirrer. Its incredible how a particular smell can transport you back to a past moment or time in your life. The smell of fish and chips or home cooked food and aftershave is totally like this. Fragrances can bring back memories but are often totally suited to a particular person too. Whenever I smell Davidoff Cool Water it reminds me of my dad, its 100% his scent. It will always be a smell that makes me think of him so I had to choose some for him for Fathers Day, but I also wanted to try and find some other new scents that he might love too.

fathers day aftershave gift ideas
fathers day aftershave gift ideas
fathers day aftershave gift ideas
fathers day fragrance

If you need help choosing a Fathers Day fragrance for your dad then Fragrance Direct has a clever quiz to suss out a scent for him that will match with his personality. You can find out if your dad is a Sporty Dad and would suit a fresh fragrance like the Lacoste Blanc. My dad is a big footy fan and also loves to play golf and I think he'd love the Lacoste fragrance. It has the woody undertones that Cool Water has, but also fruity top notes and a floral heart, plus I think he'd think the bottle was really cool! 

 Or is your dad a Rustic Gent and would like a warm woody tone like Hugo Boss The Scent? My dad loves to go walking and especially loves places like the Lake District so there's definitely a part of him that is a Rustic Gent. I think he'd like Hugo Boss The Scent with its notes of leather and ginger although it may be a bit too exotic for him.

Lastly find out if your dad is a City Slicker and would like an elegant and spicy fragrance? For years my dad wore a suit and went to work in the city but now he's retired and is more likely to be found in his golf or walking gear so I don't think this would be his fragrance personality however I think there's a few aftershaves in this category that he would like actually, like Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein.

All you need to do is answer a few questions about your dad and the quiz will suggest lots of scents perfect for him or of course you can search the site by brand too.

fathers day aftershave gift ideas
fathers day aftershave gift ideas
fathers day fragrance gift ideas

I definitely think my dad would love all of these scents and I can't wait to send him his gift all wrapped up for Fathers day and hopefully with a few added surprises in there too.

Try the quiz out for yourself over at and I'd love to know what scent reminds you of your dad?





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