Pom Pom Straw bag DIY

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pom pom straw bag diy

Today's post is another DIY and I'm showing you how to make this pom pom straw bag diy. Straw bags are THE bag to carry this Summer even if you're not off on holiday and you'll have spotted pom pom decorated ones all over the high street too. Here's how to make your own for a fraction of the price. 
I've used a Primark straw bag which was so cheap at £7. I decided I would make black pom poms to decorate it and to do a dotted row design but you could also do a simple row of them along the top. 
To make my pom poms I used chunky black wool but you can use any wool you like and any colour too and I used a pom pom maker which I got from Etsy here. The set was a set of 4 sizes and was around £5 and Etsy has so many choices to choose from.
I have given instructions on using the pom pom maker below but your set will come with them and there are some great YT tutorials if you need a more detailed view.
So here's what you need to do this pom pom straw bag diy.

you will need


pom pom straw bag diy
pom pom maker
pom pom straw bag diy



Select which size of pom pom maker you want to use. Bear in mind pom poms come out approx 1cm bigger than the size of the maker.

Choose your straw bag and have a think what colour pom poms and where you are going to place them.
I'm going to arrange mine in rows on the straw coloured stripe so I needed to make 6 pom poms.

pom pom straw bag diy
pom pom straw bag diy


The pom pom makers come in two parts so sandwich these together and hold firmly.


Start to wrap your wool starting at one side. You can wrap along and then push back to one side to build up the wool.

pom pom straw bag diy
pom pom straw bag diy


Wrap the wool around until you have filled one side. Don't overfill otherwise it wont close and make sure to wrap wool right to the edges or you'll end up with an oval shaped pom pom.


Move on to wrapping the other side and once full close up the pom pom maker and move the plastic catches to fix the pom pom maker shut.

pom pom straw bag diy
pom pom straw bag diy


Run the scissors down between the two pom pom makers and cut the wool the whole way around.


Then using a length of wool tie the pom pom up by running the wool down the channel and tying tight. Wrap and knot several times.


straw basket bag with pom poms
pom pom straw bag diy


Unlock the pom pom makers and slide them off.


Trim your pom pom to make it a lovely round shape and to make all 6 uniform in size.


straw basket bag with pom poms


Glue your pom poms onto your bag.
I used a hot glue gun but you could use tacky glue. Apply the glue to the bag and press on the pom pom until the glue cools.


pom pom straw bag diy
straw basket bag with pom poms

And thats it! Finished!! Now you can strut your stuff on the beach or down to the shops with your pom pom bag knowing you made it yourself at a fraction of the price!

If you don't fancy the diy then you can shop my selection of pom pom straw bags below instead.

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Happy DIYing!





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