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April 11, 2017 4 Comments

As a blogger who runs an Etsy Shop shop Bang On Boutique as well as my blog, I wanted to post a little collection of some of the awesome blogger run shops I've found and shopped at over the last few months. All five of these are run by awesome ladies and are well worth a visit and a purchase. I'm all about supporting each other and especially bloggers who stride to create and run their own businesses.

I hope you enjoy my selection and please do let me know if you also have a shop as I'd love to take a look.


dorkface etsy shop
awesome blogger run shops

Run by the blogger Jemma from her Etsy shop Dorkfaceshop is full of cute as prints, stickers and stationery. As well as cards and other paper stationery bits Jemma also sells pretty bunting and custom watercolour and hand illustrations. I bought this super pretty fox print as it was too cute to pass up.



paperchicco stationery shop
paperchicco stationery shop
paperchicco stationery shop

This is one of my most favourite stationery shops especially for blogger specific items. PaperChicCo run by the blogger Claudia from Beauty and the Chic is chock full of the dreamiest paper and stationery items. I have previously bought the weekly planner, marble thank you cards and pencils and items always come so beautifully packaged. Paperchicco has a range of planners specifically designed for bloggers and you'll find so many cute planner sticker sets in the Etsy shop too. Plus Claudia's instagram is pretty bloomin lovely too.



awesome blogger run shops
lily rose co shop terrarium
lily rose co shop

If you are after homeware to die for and gifts then head to Lily Rose Co. Run by blogger Abby from At Home With Abby you will find it very hard not  to fill your basket with so much pretty stuff. Personal faves are the brass terrarium and the marble base jewellery stand.



pomme pomme wool knit throws
pomme pomme wool knit throws

 Started by the incredibly talented Clare from Iliketweet blog her shop Pomme Pomme sells those incredible chunky knit throws that are all over Pinterest right now and essential if you want to create that Hygge vibe in your living room or bedroom. All made by her using 100% merino wool, her throws are blummin gorgeous and I'm hoping once I've saved up to get a pink Medium blanket for our new house.




A family business Video Clothing is a Greece born company selling gorgeous knitwear and was started by the blogger Love from The Girl Named Love's father. The company sells via its Etsy shop and has so many gorgeous jumpers for slouching around in. My particular fave is the deep v cream sweater. Love also has her own Etsy shop Little Darling selling jewellery!!

 Hope you've enjoyed my selection of shops. I'd love to know if you have a shop and don't forget to shop my Etsy shop if you fancy something fluffy from the widget below.



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  • Sophie April 11, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    Oh my, I’ve only just started my blog but I already feel like I need some of those incredible Paper Chic Co planners and stationery! Going to check all of these out, thanks for the recommendations :)


  • Grace Thoroughgood April 13, 2017 at 12:44 am

    All of these shops look amazing especially paper chic co! I’m definitely gonna check them out :)

    gracethoroughgoodbeauty – I’m a London based 19 year old who happens to have a blog about my favourite things which include: beauty, musicals, travel and lots more ❤️

  • Jaye April 14, 2017 at 1:09 am

    Absolutely love this!! Definitely think I’ll be buying somthing from PaperChic Co!

    Jaye x
    The Life of JP

    • Bang on Style April 26, 2017 at 9:32 am

      Keep an eye on their twitter too for offers. Glad you loved the post x

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