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ford KA PLUS

Its not often that I show you behind the scenes of shooting for the blog but this is the true reality of how I capture a lot of my outfits for posts. Usually when I wear great outfits there's never anyone around to snap it and as I spend a lot of my week photographing other peoples outfits I shoot all mine with my other half at the weekend. Ford challenged me to not only try out their brand new Ford KA+ but create several looks to shoot for the blog for under £50. We decided to head over to Harwich for the day to make the most of the pretty location but also treat my photographer to a slap up Sunday lunch too. 

Ben drove the KA+ over to Harwich and as a passenger its a pretty nice ride. Spacious and really comfy. Inside there was more than enough room for all my outfits and three passengers in the back I reckon too. I loaded up the boot with all my bags and shoes, all lined up so I can see clearly what I've brought and there was lots of room to spare. The boot was a great size for such a compact car and would easily fit in plenty shopping or suitcases if you were off on a weekend away. 

When I shoot I tend to get changed in the back seat and the Ford KA+ has plenty of room here too and especially head room which is a god send when your trying to switch jackets or take off jumpers in the back. My husband especially liked this feature as he is very tall but there was plenty of head room for him when driving too.

ford KA PLUS BLUE interior front
ford KA PLUS BLUE interior back seat
ford KA PLUS BLUE interior boot size
ford KA PLUS BLUE interior boot size
ford KA PLUS BLUE interior boot size
ford KA PLUS BLUE interior boot size
new look cami dress floral
monsoon lace victoriana blouse
camo jacket outfit gucci dionysus
Ford KA+  in blue
Alma pub harwich
Alma pub harwich
Alma pub harwich
Ford KA Plus in blue
Ford KA+ in blue


With my challenge budget I picked up this cute floral cami dress as well as this black tee with net trim and styled them up with lots of pieces already in my wardrobe. The full outfit shots will be coming later in the week, but I loved how easy it was to switch between outfits inside the Ford AND with privacy glass I was confident no one could see inside too! Bonus!

We stopped briefly for some food and had a gorgeous Sunday lunch. We ate at The Alma Pub in Harwich which was so yummy and much needed after a morning in the cold. After finishing up two more outfits we headed home with me in the driving seat. Another bonus of the Ford KA+ is the heated seats and I tell you what I blummin loved these warming me up as we drove home. The car drove really nicely, smooth, easy to navigate the gears and nice and nippy too pulling away from the lights. I really loved it. It has some cool little features too. It has those all important parking sensors for tucking it into tight spaces which is really important on our street. It also has a really clever smartphone dock which I didn't snap a photo of but you can see here on the Ford website - very very clever.

 All in all I loved driving the Ford KA+ and I really enjoyed taking up Ford up on the £50 challenge of a blog shoot and by mixing new pieces with old I got lots of posts to share with you over the next few weeks, totally in keeping with the KA+ ethos of getting more for less.  Sadly I'm not in a position for a new car at the mo as we are moving house, but I tell you what I'd be seriously considering one of these if I were.  For the price the car is incredibly spacious, economical (which is really important to me) and a really good looking car too. Thanks to Ford for giving me the opportunity to try it out.

I hope you've enjoyed a sneak peek behind the scenes of a blog shoot and later in the week I'll be sharing all about the settings I use to take my photos so do let me know if you have any specific questions in the comments below.





Photos taken on the Olympus Pen and 17mm lens and 45mm lens

I was given the £50 for the challenge as well as a complimentary test drive of the Ford KA + but all images and opinions are as always 100% my own.

The post may also contain PR Samples or gifted items. It may also contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.



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