10 DIY Valentines Card ideas

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Now that you've got crafty and chosen what gift to make from my 5 DIY Valentines gifts post, its time to think about the card. If you fancy making this as well then here are 10 DIY Valentines Card ideas for you to try. All of them cute, clever and simple to make.


diy valentines card ideas
diy valentines card ideas

Cute and kitsch this DIY valentines card uses real cake candles for your one true flame!

Credit - Real Simple

Use real pieces of jigsaw or cardboard cut outs for this pretty piece of a card.

Credit - Real Simple

diy valentines card ideas
diy valentines card ideas

This cute DIY Valentines card uses a map location thats important to you. Find it online and print it if you want to go down this route.

Source - Hobbycraft

Use your fingerprint to create this heart ballooon DIY valentines card for a card with a unique touch.

Source - Goldjellybean

diy valentines card ideas
valentines card ideas

Using a cut out technique and graphic arrow I love how modern this DIY valentines card is. Perfect for heartthrobs and heartbreakers alike.

Source - Mineco



Utilize a playing card for this diy card. Would work equally well with the Queen of Hearts too.

Source Real Simple

diy valentines ideas
diy valentines card ideas

Shoot straight with this cute gold and pink arrow valentines card which uses 3d elements. You could use wooden skewers to create the arrow.

Source The Perfect Palette

Totally Teariffic this DIY valentines card uses the humble tea bag to make a cute statement.

Source - Visualheart

diy valentines card ideas
diy valentines card ideas

I love the simplicity of heart cut outs and butchers twine. Send this DIY card to someone you love a whole bunch.

Source - Janecan

Utilize some simple finger painting to create this pretty tree DIY valentines card. Send this one if your love is strong as oak.

Source - Easypeasyandfun

Hope you love my selection of DIY Valentines card ideas. Find me over on Pinterest where you can follow my DIY boards for more clever ideas.




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