Ten Ways To Survive Christmas

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ways to survive Christmas

For something a little bit different on the blog I thought I’d share a bit of a tongue and cheek post with some of my top tips for surviving Christmas. See how many sound familiar and remember they’re just for a laugh so enjoy and have a giggle (hopefully)

  1. Don’t embarrass yourself at the work Christmas party. Christmas celebrations always kick off with the work’s Christmas party. These occasions can often end with a sore head and a red face especially if you end up on the karaoke mic singing your favourite crooning ballad. It’s the end of the working year so of course let your hair down, but take it easy on the mulled wine and cocktails to avoid embarrassment. But if all else fails make sure you sing a duet, that way they’ll be two of you to take the post party mockery.
  2. Set your favourite programs to record. There’s zero chance with the whole family fighting over the remote you’ll get to watch the program you were hoping for this Christmas. Resign yourself to five hours of soap Christmas specials safe in the knowledge you can whack on your onesie and watch all your favourite Xmas trash when you get home.
  3. Decide how long you’re staying. If your heading over to your folks on Christmas Day then decide on the length of your visit with your other half before you arrive and share this information with everyone immediately when you get there. That way they’ll be no sad face from your mum when you announce your departure and avoids the awkward whispering from your other husband when he’s had enough and wants to go home.
  4. Practice your grateful gift face. When Aunt Doris gives you another one of her garish knitted jumpers to add to your yearly growing collection, give her your best smile, say thank you and remember you only have to wear it once.
  5. Learn how to change the conversation quickly. This one will definitely come in handy when you are being quizzed by Auntie Pat about your love life. “Anyone for a mince pie” is the perfect switch in topic from “So when are you lovebirds going to set the date?”
  6. Don’t eat too much. Although you’ll want to keep your mum happy by wolfing down her turkey and spuds you don’t want to peak too soon. Remember to save space for the Christmas pudding and of course the inevitable tin of Quality Street that gets brought out in the afternoon. You’ll need room too for the turkey and stuffing sandwiches which your mum will force upon you only a few hours after Christmas dinner.
  7. Swat up on your general knowledge for Trivial Pursuit. Give yourself a fighting chance of winning this popular Christmas time game by doing some pre-Christmas revision thanks to Wikipedia and Google. And remember it’s just a game so don’t get too competitive.
  8. Take a walk. Christmas is one of those times when the whole family comes together and can spend hours all under one roof. This can often lead to arguments and fall outs. If trouble starts brewing, then head outside for a festive wander. The fresh air will calm and relax everyone as well as giving you an opportunity to strut the streets in your new jumper from Aunt Doris.
  9. Don’t drink to excess. Christmas is the only time of year that it’s perfectly acceptable to be sipping Bucks Fizz with breakfast and Baileys by the bucket load. But remember although getting sloshed may make your annoying Uncles jokes funny, you’re bound to say something inappropriate that offends your gran and fall asleep before its even lunchtime, so pace yourself.
  10. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Christmas is a unique occasion where all of the family are together and because of that can be super stressful and hard. Many of us feel a huge pressure to have a perfect Christmas and feel like a failure if we don’t have a lovely time. Don’t worry. Enjoy the good moments and try to laugh when things go wrong or get heated. Most importantly don’t be swayed by the picture-perfect Christmas images on instagram, real life is never that perfect and family Christmas’s are wonderful because of the ups and downs.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know your top tips for surviving Christmas and have the best Christmas ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxx




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