My Hair Journey

September 6, 2016 5 Comments

I wanted to talk about my hair journey. I used to have a real love hate relationship with visiting the hairdressers. On the one hand I loved the thrill of getting something new done and having a bit of pamper time to myself but on the other hand I've never left the hairdressers and been 100% happy. I'm one of those people who gets round the corner and quickly runs my hands through my hair as I don't like the way they've dried it or I leave thinking "I'm sure I'll like it when its grown out a bit." For years I had a regular hairdresser who I went to for everything from a trim to a complete overhaul, until one day two complete disasters of appointments happened.

The first was a haircut which after a miscommunication resulted in me being left with a curved bob, high at the back sloping down at the front. Not what I'd gone in for and I left so unhappy that I complained. Next, I'd gone in hoping for a subtle, summery ombre colour and came out with awful 90's highlights that started 1/3 of the way down my head. I was devastated. I'd had 100% confidence in my hairdresser until about half way through my appointment when I could tell that what she was doing wouldn't result in the look I was hoping for and I started to panic. I was even more upset by the reaction of the salon when I complained. They offered to fix it, but I'd lost all confidence that anyone at the salon had the skill to achieve what I'd originally wanted so I refused and asked for a refund. They responded by saying that I seemed like the kind of person that wouldn't like ombre anyway!! I was so shocked and after finally receiving a refund I never went back.

So I was left with no hairdresser. I'd wished that the salon had been honest about their capabilities in doing what was quite a tricky and skilled colouring effect. I hopped between lots of salons; trying out new ones, trying desperately to find one I liked. I'll be honest though, I my confidence was shot and I left pretty much every appointment unhappy.  I started to feel like maybe the problem was me, that no one ever leaves the hairdressers 100% happy and that I was being too picky. For me it wasn't about the colour, it was the cut. If the cut is right then I'm happy and to be honest I'm pretty damn good at doing colour myself at home and quite often do.

 It was last year when I first went to Sassoon Salons on Kings Rd and saw Natasha and first hand experienced actual honesty about my hair. I'd gone in with a photo of Lauren Conrad's blunt bob, a look I'd asked countless hairdressers to achieve. Natasha said I wouldn't leave that appointment with that hairstyle. There it was, 100% honesty. It was so refreshing and immediately I trusted her. She explained that it would take several appointments to achieve that shape of bob due to my current curve. This was great as I had a timeline and a realistic expectation of what to expect from that appointment. I'm sure all of us have wandered into our local salon with a picture we found on Pinterest and expected to walk out looking exactly like it? I know I have. Previously when I'd asked for this kind of blunt bob I'd always left with a very rounded shape due to countless layers being cut in my hair to help with weight. Natasha explained she would cut in birdcage layers, a much more modern technique and one that wouldn't stop me being able to achieve that shape.

After my first appointment I left happy. I didn't have the exact cut from the photo but I knew it was on the way. I was even stopped at the tube station and was stopped and asked who did my hair! That has never happened to me. 

sassoon salons

It took two more appointments to achieve the look I'd wanted.

It was a process and it took the two of us to achieve it. I had to grow as much length as possible and promise not to let any one else cut my hair in between.

And do you know what? I didn't want to.
I still don't. 

Now I won't go anywhere else to have my hair cut. I know the salon is over 60 miles away and is a lot pricier than the salons here in Essex, but to me confidence and trust is more important.  When I left my last cut I was over the moon to see the blunt bob I'd hoped for all those months ago!

I can't recommend Sassoon Salons enough. My experience there has always been so positive and I've always left happy. I'm so glad to finally have found a hairdresser I love.

I'm heading to a very exciting Sassoon event this Thursday too - so keep an eye on my snapchat and instastories!







ps This post is not sponsored I just really love my hairdresser!! :-)

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  • Caroline September 6, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    I have total hair envy of you everytime I read I blog.. i wish I had the thickness and ability to curl/wave/style it.. mine is just so thin and flat! (plus i have zero time and patience! Ha!)
    I know exactly how you feel though, I’ve never left unhappy, but never 100% happy. And I have generally always restyled my hair straight after or kicked myself for AGAIN getting a fringe cut in.. (when will I learn. Ha!)
    I think some hairdressers really need to understand that people’s hair and surely there own, is sacred. Although I make wishes for mine to be different, I would hate to be without it. In some ways, it defines us and in others it shields us.
    So happy your finally happy with your hair. Sometimes it definitely pays to pay. :)


  • Eloise September 6, 2016 at 11:17 pm

    It’s such a relief when you find a hairdresser you can trust! I’ve been going to the same stylist for 6 years and I’m always hoping she doesn’t move! Your hair looks fabulous xx

  • Bridget September 22, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    Loved hearing about your hair journey, it can be soooo annoying and difficult finding a hairdresser you can trust.

    • Debs September 26, 2016 at 12:42 pm

      Thanks so much Bridget, I agree and really stressful too! Glad I’m sorted now x

  • Rhaea January 31, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Wow your hair looks insane! I 1000% agree that trust and confidence is more important than cost! X

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