Biba Trench Coat & Chloe dupe bag

October 21, 2015 2 Comments

biba trench coatbiba trench coatbiba trench coatbiba trench coatbiba trench coatchloe dupe bagchloe dupe bag

Just a simple casual look today but one that I really love. Autumn is well and truly here and I am really loving the combo of the orange of this cold shoulder jumper and a bit of khaki in the form of this gorgeous Biba trench coat. Its a lovely mix of colours and perfect for Autumn don’t you think? And of course it wouldn’t be Autumn without a hint of leopard print! Not long till I grab my beloved leopard print fur coat out of the cupboard but for now these leopard pumps  will have to do. This is the first outing on the blog of my cute chloe dupe bag I bought it thanks to Emma Hill who was the first to feature it several months ago and I decided to grab one. I do admit for going for the slightly cheaper one which does have the brand name engraved on the hardware in a couple of places and I think is quite an orange toned material (which I quite like) but there is one a bit more expensive that has plain hardware and a different tone of colour I think from the pics. That Chloe dupe bag is here.

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I love the cold shoulder shape of this jumper, I bought the ASOS one too but I did send it back and kept the Choies one as it was softer. I think the ASOS one is sold out now.  I’ve been buying up knitwear like an absolute fiend!! Last weekend I bought three of the same jumper from Primark in three different colours! I also have bought some gorgeous knitwear from Wallis too including this amazing funnel neck jumper. Its absolutely gorgeous and soft and I grabbed it when they had 20% off the site. Well worth a purchase. I love Primark knitwear but sometimes you really can tell the difference in a more expensive piece.

I also picked up more fake nails. Many of you will know my bitter disappointment that Primark don’t sell my fave striped fake nails anymore :-(((( I haven’t stopped going on about it on Twitter to be honest. Well I invested in a few packs of their new black and white paisley design and whilst its no monochrome stripes I do quite like them. What do we think??
I’m off to London tomorrow for a couple of meeting and a lovely Wallis event so keep an eye on my snapchat for all the exciting action. Which will make a change as last night the snapchat action was me making soup!! CRAAAAZZY!!! I know how to spend my evenings eh? Find me on Snapchat under username bangonstyle.



Khaki Mac – Biba at House of Fraser via Fashionchick*
Jumper – Choies*
Bag – Yes Style
Cuff – Lola & Grace*

Leopard Pumps – Asos

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  • Kylie October 22, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    Love this, the colours are great!

  • Bolly October 23, 2015 at 7:40 am

    Ahh this is so soo gorgeous!! I LOVE that collocation so much!!

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