Make a Valentines Pandora Wish*

February 8, 2015 No Comments
Valentines day is only 6 days away and if you fancy dropping your loved one a hint in a way that’s a little bit more magical and keeps a bit more of the romance alive then try out the very clever Pandora Wishing tree app.
The app is really simple. Head to the Pandora Website and you’ll find the wishing tree.

Click add a wish and the app will ask you to write your wish and detail some of your jewellery preferences like metal and style.
I filled my metal as silver and that I wore rings (Pandora rings are what I love most from their collections) and my style as sweet.
The app then asks for you to fill in your loved ones details including email and suggests a couple of pieces of jewellery from the Valentines Collection that you might like and you can pick which to attach to your wish, or go back and change your preferences.
After that Pandora attaches your wish to the tree. Here you can see everyone elses wishes too and what lovely Pandora item they are hoping for. Whoever you chose to send your wish to will then get an email with a link to your wish and the Pandora item you’ve wished for.
I love this idea. Not only is it a cute way to drop a major Valentines hint but its all presented in an incredibly unique and really clever way. Plus Pandora have so many cute jewellery items that I’d love to receive for valentines day. My favourites are the petite stacking rings which start from as low as £30.
Will you be making a Pandora Wish?? Let me know if you do x
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