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December 14, 2014 1 Comment
There really is
nothing better than finishing work for the weekend, coming home, putting on my
cosy pj’s and ordering Chinese. Me and the other half have spent a long time
finding the perfect Chinese takeaway near to us, trust me we’ve eaten some
really bad meals over the last year or so, but finally we found one we love. We’ve
always used the JUST EAT website/ app to order because it’s so quick and its
stores all of your previous orders, so you can reorder at the touch of a
button. We’ve worked our way through so many Chinese takeaways via JUST EAT and we’ve fund it the quickest way to find new places to try next.
All you do is
enter your postcode and the website/app will offer you everything that’s local
to you, then you can filter by cuisine and read reviews of all the restaurants
to help you decide where to choose.
When JUST EAT offered to shout us a takeaway we did
debate about trying somewhere new, but we decided to stick to our good old favourite
place but try a few new dishes.
We picked Sweet
and Sour Cantonese style chicken, Crispy Chilli Beef, Beef Cantonese style,
Mixed Vegetable Udon noodles, Pork Dumplings and mini spring rolls. I love
how this takeaway place has a mix of Chinese and Japanese, our particular favourite
are the Gyoza style dumplings. We opted this time to collect our order as it’s
a bit quicker on a Friday, but this did mean we had the agonising car journey
with gorgeous smelling Chinese on your lap and having to wait to tuck in till
you get home..
e As you can see, we ordered a hell of a lot of food and
actually ended up eating leftovers the next day. This is why JUST EAT is my favourite
way to order as there’s no danger of any “Wow thesfat buggers have ordered a lot of food”
judgement on the other end of the phone ha ha.

Thank you so much to JUST EAT for making our Friday Night
just perfect!

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  • Leanne Winters December 14, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    I love using Just Eat to order food, as you said it’s quick and easy! I love pizza, so I am always trying to find good pizza places, why is it so hard?! x


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