21 Years of Designers at Debenhams – Pearce & Fionda interview

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To celebrate 21 years of Designers At Debenhams collections, many of the Designers have created one signature piece to be part of a bespoke celebratory collection. Pearce and Fionda have created this amazing black fishtail gown and I had the opportunity to ask them a few questions about being one of the Designers at Debenhams and about their piece from the celebratory collection.

Q. You were one of the first designers to join the Designers at Debenhams team, what
made you want to join the initiative and how do you think your collections have
evolved over the years?
We wanted to work with Debenhams as we believed we would be able to
extend the availability of our designs to a much wider audience, and
although the designer at Debenhams brand was in its infancy, we could
see that it had great potential.

Q. How do you translate the luxurious red carpet quality of your designs into a more
affordable high street collection? Which elements are really important for you that
you won’t compromise on?
Our red carpet Pearce fionda dresses are quite intricate in their cut and
construction, and very time consuming to manufacture. in our piif range
we concentrate on the essence of the style, emulating the silhouette
and proportion without the complexity. The Debenhams team can source
similar fabrics , embroidery and beadwork at a more affordable price
without sacrificing quality.

Q. What does the process involve to move the design from concept to shop floor when
creating your Pearce II Fionda for Debenhams designs?
Research and design ideas are the start point of all our designs, these
are then worked up into toiles and first samples which need to be
perfected before moving on to the final pre production sample. When
this is finalised it then moves straight into production.

Q. Your Pearce II Fionda collection at Debenhams is aimed at the evening wear market
– what kind of woman wears your collection, describe her in three words?
 Confident, Modern & Chic.

Q. Your piece as part of the celebratory collection is a black fishtail gown which is
simply beautiful – would you say this is your signature look and shape and why do
you love this silhouette so much?
This is one of our signature looks! This silhouette has personified
elegance through the ages, and has a proportion that is inherent in its
construction that flatters and accentuates the female form.

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