A Pink Party feat JC Le Roux

April 25, 2014 No Comments

A few weeks ago I went to a very pink party held by JC Le Roux and Touch PR in the Essex nightspot Bar Blanco. Me and my best friend Vicky along with a few other select bloggers and press were treated to yummy food, lovely conversation and as much JC Le Roux La Fleurette as we could drink. This stuff is genuinely yummy. Its light and fresh with a taste like strawberries and as its only 7.5% you can sip it all night and not worry too much about a heavy head next day. I loved it, so did my friend and we are sure to have more bottles of this over the summer as I reckon it would be a great barbecue drink.
The lovely Lauren Pope was also at the event and I was lucky enough to catch up with her and chat to her a little bit about her fashion collection, her style and a bit of a general gossip! We talked about her In The Style Lauren Pope Collection and I was really interested to know how much input she had into the collection as I’m a huge fan of the range and really impressed with how many pieces I myself would choose to wear. She told me that the process started with her producing mood boards and working alongside a designer to create the collection based upon trends but also items she herself would wear. The process involved lots of tweaking and changes which Lauren herself led and the final collection is also all modelled by Lauren.
I loved finding out more about where she likes to shop which include Zara and Topshop as well shopping online which she loves at places such as ASOS or Boohoo. Like me she’s a fan of online shopping because of the freedom it gives to buy, try on at home and send back if its not right. 
What you might not know about Lauren is that she has her own company called Hair Rehab London which sells Natural Hair Clip in extensions, which she has been running long before we saw her on screen in TOWIE. When I asked her if she would like to open an actual shop one day, like many of the other cast have she said no. The fact her store is online, much like her clothing line, means it can reach more people and is much more accessible for everyone, which is of course why online shopping is so popular.
I really loved meeting Lauren, she was incredibly friendly and warm, amazingly pretty with such a sense of style, it was great to talk to her properly. I also loved the fact that although we normally see her in skyscraper heels, off camera you are more likely to find her in her trainers! That’s my kinda girl!!
We had a brilliant evening so thank you so much to Jc Le Roux and the gorgeous girls from Touch PR for inviting us.

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