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December 23, 2013 1 Comment
As Christmas approaches and the nights get darker and colder its pretty hard to get motivated to exercise, I struggle to even want to take the dog out at the moment. Thankfully the lovely people at offered me some fabulous keep fit gear to see if that would spur me on to exercise over the coming months.
 I picked these fab Purple Nike Flex Trainers and the Nike Windfly Jacket
and I’ll be honest I spent as long browsing as I would for a dress or boots on any fashion website. I actually even colour co-ordinated! SportsShoes wanted to know if how I look when I’m exercising makes a difference and I really think it does. I ran the race for life last year and I thought a lot about what to wear to be comfy but also how I looked, I also rocked up with some makeup on too! It wasn’t just that it mattered to me how I looked but also I think if you feel good that spurs you on.
What you wear can matter too. If your wearing something good looking and designed for purpose like either of these great Nike pieces, I would want to make the most of them and undoubtedly it would make me want to exercise more. I had these both on almost straight away and thinking about new exercise regimes to make the most of them.
Would I go as so far to wear jewellery or a full face of makeup when I’m exercising, I don’t think so. But new clothes have a way of making me feel happy and why shouldn’t this be true for my keep fit clothing too?? Why shouldn’t you be able to look fashionable whilst you keep fit? I’m so impressed with the huge range of keep fit gear you can buy all of which can cater to almost every style of person.
 I personally picked purple as a bit of a bold choice and just to be that little bit different to the usual black or grey that I always imagine work out wear to be.
What do you think about exercise wear? Does wearing something good looking spur you on??

1 Comment

  • Janelle J December 29, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    Hi, I found you on Blogionaire. It’s so true that a great outfit can encourage you to workout! I love those pieces from Nike! There are so many nice colors and styles to choose from…I just wish it wasn’t so expensive!

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