Vintage Wedding Outfit

October 9, 2011 1 Comment
I’m off to one of my best friends wedding this weekend in Edinburgh. I’d wanted to wear a Vintage dress for my brothers wedding earlier this year but hadn’t managed to so I decided this was my opportunity to go full on Vintage for the day. 
My dress is a 1950’s grey dress with sweetheart neckline and pink peekaboo lining. 
The grey colour and black highlights work for winter whilst the hints of pink keep it colourful I think and I have bought a net to go underneath it and give it that 50’s volume.
I bought a black fur coat off Ebay which has a vintage shape to it. The seller really helped me out by shopping it quickly as it was a pretty last minute decision.
And my handbag is a bargain charity shop find which although not really vintage has a lovely vintage box shape. I bought this in March for my birthday outfit.
I also have cute cameo earrings and a sparkly bracelet to go with the outfit.
Unfortunately I have also picked up a stinking cold and am feeling pretty awful Here’s hoping I feel better by the wedding. Will post pictures of the wedding and final outfit when back from Scotland next week.
Love Debs x
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  • Sami Lee October 10, 2011 at 12:52 am

    Your outfit looks lovely debs! Hope you enjoy sunny scotland and your cold goes away soon. I haven’t been to edinburgh in ages! xxxx

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