Do outfit posts need to say more than “What I Wore”?

Today I'm back with an outfit post. That's it a simple outfit post, but do outfit posts need to say more than just "This is what I wore" now? I've started to feel so much pressure these days to make my posts say something above this is where you can buy my shoes. Its not that I don't have opinions or don't write serious posts. If you read my Honest Look Back at 2016 or Why I'm Scared to Express my Opinions post  you'll know I do on occasion write the more personal and thoughtful posts. There are a lot of things I care about seriously in life and things I do have some very strong opinions on; cruelty to animals, mental health, family and care of the elderly to name a few.

boden floral silk shirt outfit
boden floral silk shirt outfit
boden floral silk shirt outfit

But sometimes I simply want to share my outfit because I love it and I love the way I look in it and I've decided there is nothing wrong with that. I really hope not every post has to address serious subjects or say something meaningful, and I hope that doesn't make me a shallow or vacuous person or mean that I don't have anything worthy to contribute to the online space.

I don't share everything about myself online. I like to keep a bit back. Plus sometimes when I have written those slightly more personal posts it has led to repercussions for me in my real life, so I often feel like I can't talk about certain subjects as its not just me it affects.

But truth be told I like sharing a simple outfit post because that's what I like to read. They are great as a true escape from every day worries and life and I think we all just love a good old nosey at what someone is wearing.

BLOUSE | JEANS | BOOTS | BAG (primark) 

boden floral silk shirt outfit
boden floral silk shirt outfit primark yellow handbag

More and more I worry about this and that my posts need to say something deeper. Long gone are the old blogging days of 2012 when you could share a couple of quick snaps of you in front of your living room curtains with your hand on your hip and a few lines of copy. Now, not only is there a pressure for your photos to look more professional and editorial, but a pressure that your blog should somehow be bettering the world. This truly keeps me up at night. Who am I and what is it I want to say?l
I honestly think bloggers and online influencers have the power to use their channels to educate and help people and I really want my blog to do this. I mean the irony is not lost on me that in writing this post all about wanting this post to be a simple outfit I have in fact written one of those posts that does delves deeper and hopefully sparks a bit of debate. Actually this post flowed more freely than any I've written in a long time, so much so that after laying awake thinking about it I finally got up and sat with a pad and pencil in my pj's scribbling my thoughts down at 1am. In fact my thoughts came so quickly I wasn't sure I'd be able to read my scrawl today.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I do have opinions and I do have more to write than "Here is what I wore".  Sometimes though that's all I want to say and that's totally ok too and I hope you guys like these simple outfit posts as much as I do.

I'd love to know your thoughts?



Photos taken by Laura on the Olympus Pen and 45mm lens 

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  1. November 22, 2017 / 10:42 pm

    I really enjoyed this post.
    As someone who blogger for LOL’s back in 2010 and who has returned to a very different world now, I can completely see where your coming from on this.
    Coming back as a newbie is somewhat daunting, because naturally you want to grow, but sometimes it’s difficult to not write to what you think others want to read rather than what you want to write.

    I love fashion post’s, equally I enjoy reading about other peoples views on the world. I see no harm in the two coming together to make one big beautiful post.
    But sometimes, you just wanna flick through fashionistas blogs for the ‘I wish I was that cool and sassy’ moment whilst your eating your body weight in ice cream in bed, y’know?

    My only complaint is the lack of that classic photo in front of your closed curtains with hand on hip 🤪 haha.

  2. November 23, 2017 / 9:55 am

    Really love this look on you! Yellow is defo your colour.

    But I don’t think your posts have to say any more than you want them to – sometimes we just want to look at a great outfit, not always stimulated into debate.

  3. JP
    November 24, 2017 / 7:02 pm

    I’m so glad to see that you are thinking about this. Yes, i love your outfit posts, but I think you are right that bloggers can use their channels and have a positive impact. There are so many issues that can be addressed or it can be educational or inspirational (at least it’s what I would like to do if I make the time to blog) – more about the psychology of clothing / fashion. Just keep inquiring about it, meditate on it and I believe it will come to you. You’ll find your answer to: Who am I and what is it I want to say?

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